WWE: 7 What If Moments in Pro Wrestling History

Zach McCombsCorrespondent IOctober 10, 2011

WWE: 7 What If Moments in Pro Wrestling History

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    There has always been great ideas for discussion here on Bleacher Report, and that's what this next article is going to be.

    I have thought of some moments in wrestling history, which, had they never taken place, would have changed the way we look at wrestling.

    There are all sorts of moments such as this, but I'm only listing a few.

    If there is one you would like to discuss, please comment and let me know about it. I'd be glad to discuss it with you.

    So let us begin!

What If Hulk Hogan Never Slammed Andre the Giant at WrestleMania III?

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    I think the real question is—would WrestleMania be the same?

    From what I have learned about WrestleMania, the first two were failures. In the first one, there was no world title on the line, and the second one was played in multiple arenas.

    The third wasn't anything special, either. Except for two moments.

    For one, the amazing match between Macho Man Randy Savage and Ricky Steamboat for the Intercontinental Championship is considered one of the best matches in wrestling history.

    But everyone remembers Hulk Hogan slamming Andre the Giant.

    No matter how great that match between Macho Man and Steamboat was, most of us remember Hulk Hogan slamming the 500-pound behemoth known as Andre the Giant in front of 93,000 + fans.

    So imagine if it never happened. What would have become of WrestleMania?

    The first two were failures, and there wasn't a moment in wrestling history like that when it happened. WrestleMania looked like a gamble that was going to cost Vince McMahon a fortune.

    So if the slam didn't happen and with three straight WrestleManias failing, would they have continued the spectacular known as "The Showcase of The Immortals?"

    I believe not. I believe if this moment had never occurred WrestleMania, the event would never have turned into what it has become.

    Legendary moments like Austin refusing to tap out to the sharpshooter, The Money in the Bank ladder match, Undertaker's legendary undefeated streak?

    None of those could have possibly prospered if WrestleMania kept looking like a joke. If this moment never happened, WrestleMania would not be the spectacle it is today

What If the Alliance Had the nWo and Other Big WCW Stars?

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    In my opinion, the WWE had one of the best story lines going with the Alliance, but there were some things with it that were absolutely wrong.

    For one, many people who made WCW were missing—Sting, Goldberg, nWo, Bischoff. There are so many people who didn't take part in this story and it's a real disappointment, simply because WWE put some of their big guys on the Alliance side to make it look strong.

    If they were not WWE superstars, these would have been the big guys on the Alliance—Booker T, DDP, and RVD.

    These are three men who looked good during the alliance, but DDP wasn't even on the final match. All the other WCW and ECW members were booked like jobbers half the time.

    So imagine if the big dogs would have came to play. With all the big time superstars, they could have still done the winner take all, but they could have done a best of three traditional tag team Survivor Series.

    That way, the bigger stars would have had a chance to shine. And on top of that, the Alliance should've won it. This could have been a possible best of three series.


    Match One

    WWE—Undertaker, Kane, Albert, Rikishi and Mankind

    Alliance—Sting, Taz, RVD, and Los Guerreros (Eddie and Chavo)

    Winner—The Alliance


    Match Two

    WWE—The Rock, Chris Jericho, Edge, Christian, Test

    Alliance—Bubba Ray, D-Von, Rhyno, Steiner Brothers

    Winner—Team WWE


    Match Three

    Team WWE—Stone Cold, Kurt Angle, APA (or Hardyz) and Triple H (if he wasn't hurt)

    The Alliance—Goldberg, Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, The Giant (Big Show) and Scott Hall


    Imagine if WWE lost this battle because these guys could have participated in this. Most of them didn't want to wrestle for WWE. It's a shame, because this could have been one of the greatest WWE story lines ever if they had made it go down with the nWo in on the party.

What If Eddie Guerrero Hadn't Passed Away?

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    This may have been the saddest memory in wrestling history. People are still upset over this today.

    There are only a few moments that could top this. So imagine if he never passed away.

    Would he have won the 2006 Royal Rumble instead of Rey Mysterio, could he have become the face of SmackDown or would he have become the face of the company instead of people like John Cena and Batista?

    Eddie was in his prime when he passed away, and it's just a shame he was taken away from us all so early.

    May he rest in peace.

What If Owen Hart Didn't Die at Over the Edge in 1999?

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    This could be considered even sadder than the death of Eddie Guerrero. Owen was at the top of the rafters the night of May 23, 1999 in Kansas City.

    He had no idea that would be the final night he would get to do what he loved to do.

    Owen was sporting the "Blue Blazer" gimmick at the time of his death. For his final match, he was going to enter from rafters on a zipline and get caught in it at ground level for a comedic act, but nobody was laughing because of this tragedy.

    Hart's harness had not worked properly due to no backup latches to make sure Hart was secure. Because of this, Hart fell 78 feet and died.

    Try to picture if we didn't lose Owen on that night. He was scheduled to wrestle The Godfather for the Intercontinental Championship. I feel that if this match had occurred, he would have won the championship.

    After that, it's hard to tell if the WWE would have used him well. I'd hope that they would. With all the success that Bret had, I always felt Owen could have passed him on it.

    Owen had all the same talent and more in my opinion. They didn't call him the "King of Harts" for nothing. Owen was one of the greatest wrestling technicians of all time and is up there with the likes of Dean Maleko and Arn Anderson.

    So how successful would he have been?

    Most of the Harts won several titles and accomplishments, so I feel that he'd have won several titles and could have become a Grand Slam and Triple Crown Champion.

    Hart also could have won a Royal Rumble or two. He could have been spectacular and we never got to see him become the all time legend we wanted him to be.

What If Jake

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    What would have happened if Steve Austin didn't win the match that made him a big star in the WWE?

    How would he have gotten to the main event? What about Roberts? What would have become of him? Would he have had the same success as Austin?

    Would Austin have become the Texas Rattlesnake? would he have been the man who kept the WWE on top of the game by winning the Monday Night Wars?

    Would WWE have been successful?

    This is a pivotal moment in the WWE, as many stories could have came out of it.

    This is very interesting, because it could have changed the way we look at WWE, and better yet professional wrestling, forever.

What If WCW Won the Monday Night Wars?

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    Could you imagine how different the entire way we look at wrestling would be if WCW won this war?

    It would be huge. For one, the nWo would never have died and wrestling would have been a piece of garbage if they won. Remember the last two years of WCW?

    Would there have been any form of competition? No, TNA wouldn't exist because Double J was with WCW and when it died, that's when he decided to make TNA and try to give the WWE some competition.

    What would have become of great superstars in the WWE like The Rock, or Stone Cold? The same thing that WWE did to WCW's biggest stars—they would have been made to job to their main event talent.

    And what about others like The Undertaker? If WCW won the Monday Night Wars The Undertaker wouldn't have an undefeated streak or an amazing gimmick with a great entrance.

    The Undertaker would be nothing if WCW had won the Monday Night Wars and neither would anyone else from WWE.

What If the Kliq Became a Stable and There Was No MSG Incident?

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    Back in the mid-90's,before they left the WWE, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall were part of a backstage group with Triple H and Shawn Michaels known as "The Kilq."

    They were a group favored by Vince McMahon in the WWE, and he gave them the power to book matches and put themselves over or to bury other stars.

    What would have happened if the group hadn't broken up but instead became a stable on television? Instead of leaving for the rival WCW, imagine if Scott Hall and Nash had joined Triple H and Shawn Michaels to make the Kliq an on-screen stable.

    This to me screams WWE's version of "The Four Horsemen." They would have been great. It would have been the nWo/DX in the WWE!

    There is only one problem—they always wanted to bury other stars. If this group had become big, they would have most likely let their egos get in the way.

    They would have squashed anyone in their path, just like nWo did. They would have made any force look weak in the WWE, they would have squashed stables and main event talent and it would have been hell.

    But it would have made for some damn good television.