50 Greatest Caps in Baseball History

Robert KnapelCorrespondent IOctober 10, 2011

50 Greatest Caps in Baseball History

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    Everyone has a favorite baseball cap from when they were growing up. Some people chose a hat that is from their favorite team, while others selected their caps because they thought that they looked cool.

    To find the greatest caps in baseball history, one must not only look throughout all levels of baseball but also throughout the United States as well as the rest of the world. The caps featured belong to both current teams as well as ones that do not exist anymore.

50) Toledo Mud Hens

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    The Toledo Mud Huns came into existence in 1902. Their name dates back even further, to 1896, and was an homage to a team that played in their stadium before them.

    They are currently the Detroit Tigers' Triple-A affiliate.

    Photo Credit: Toledo Mud Hens

49) Williamsport Crosscutters

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    The most famous baseball players in Williamsport are the ones that descend upon the city every year for the Little League World Series. However, the city also has a minor league team of its own.

    The Crosscutters' name is a reference to the area's past as a key part of the logging industry. Williamsport is the Philadelphia Phillies' Short-Season A affiliate.

48) Atlanta Braves

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    Sometimes simplicity is best. The Atlanta Braves are one of the teams that have followed this motto with their cap.

    A simple script "A" is more than enough, and it is a very classy look.

47) Pittsburgh Pirates

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    For those from Pittsburgh, there is no better cap choice than the one that is worn by the Pittsburgh Pirates.

    Rapper Wiz Khalifa put it best by saying, "reppin' my town, when you see me you know everything, black and yellow, black and yellow." The two colors represent Pittsburgh, and they go together perfectly on this cap.

    Photo Credit: New Era

46) Yakult Swallows

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    To find this cap, one will need to travel across the Pacific to Japan. The Tokyo Yakult Swallows are just one NPB team that appears on this list.

    The letters on the cap appear in a graffiti-like style that adds an element of swagger.

    Photo Credit: Hat Club

45) Greensboro Grasshoppers

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    Before he was hitting home runs for the Florida Marlins, Mike Stanton was a proud member of the Greensboro Grasshoppers.

    While the team's name did not strike fear into the heart of opponents, Stanton's power most certainly did.

    Photo Credit: Greensboro Grasshoppers

44) Walla Walla Sweets

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    The Walla Walla Sweets are a collegiate summer league team that played their first game in 2010. They are also named after onions.

    These caps are certainly attention grabbers as people will want to know more about the angry onion on your fitted hat.

    Photo Credit: Walla Walla Sweets

43) Myrtle Beach Pelicans

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    It is impossible to go wrong with powder blue on a cap or in a jersey. The Myrtle Beach Pelicans have an outstanding cap.

    They are the Atlanta Braves' Class A Advanced team.

    Photo Credit: New Era

42) Orix BlueWave

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    It is hard to give a written description that will do justice to this cap. The Orix BlueWave certainly have one of the more unique caps in the game of baseball.

    Photo Credit: Amazon

41) Newark Eagles

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    The Newark Eagles were a Negro League team that featured some of the best talent in baseball. They had Hall of Famers such as Larry Doby, Ray Dandridge, Leon Day, Monte Irvin, Biz Mackey and Willie Wells on their roster.

    As for their cap, it is also among the game's elites.

    Photo Credit: Dugout Memories

40) Nippon Ham Fighters

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    Choosing a mascot is a very important decision for a team. Occasionally, mascots end up on a team's cap.

    For the Nippon Ham Fighters, this is exactly what happened. Their mascot Fighty, a bright pink pterodactyl, is featured on their cap.

    Photo Credit: Amazon

39) Brooklyn Cyclones

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    While Brooklyn no longer has a major league baseball team, there is still baseball in the borough.

    The Brooklyn Cyclones have incorporated the Dodgers' "B" into their cap while also making it their own by adding a "C".

    Photo Credit: Brooklyn Cyclones

38) Everett AquaSox

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    What exactly is an AquaSox? It definitely isn't a frog, but yet that is what appears on the team's cap.

    The frog looks like one of the mascots from Rainforest Cafe. It is actually one of the AquaSox's mascots, Webbly. The team also has a hot dog mascot named Frank. Try imagining what that would look like on a cap.

    Photo Credit: Everett AquaSox

37) Las Vegas 51s

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    There are a few things that Las Vegas is known for. One of them is the non-stop partying that makes Sin City an ultimate vacation destination.

    The other thing that Vegas is known for is Area 51. The local minor league baseball team decided to incorporate that into their cap and name.

    Photo Credit: Las Vegas 51s

36) Jamestown Jammers

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    The Jamestown Jammers were named by the team's fans. However, no one was certain what the team's name meant.

    As a result, the team held another contest to let fans answer that question. They chose a grape because of the area's strong ties to grape growing.

    Photo Credit: Jamestown Jammers

35) Durham Bulls

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    Would this cap be on the list if Bull Durham was never produced? It is certainly a question to ponder.

    The Bulls have had a number of players go on to have successful major league careers after their time with the team, such as Joe Morgan and Mickey Lolich.

    Photo Credit: Durham Bulls

34) Jupiter Hammerheads

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    The Jupiter Hammerheads have managed to work two things that are connected with Florida into their cap.

    It features a fishing hook for a J as well as the hammerhead shark.

    Photo Credit: Amazon

33) Lake County Captains

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    With a name like the Captains, it is no surprise that the baseball team in Lake County has a great cap.

    These caps are a favorite of many collectors because of the unique logo on it.

    Photo Credit: MiLB

32) Cienfuegos Elefantes

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    This is probably one of the least-known teams that will show up on this list. The Cienfuegos Elefantes played in the Cuban League until the it ended in 1961.

    They had a number of notable players on their roster during their existence, including Cool Papa Bell and Willie Wells.

    Photo Credit: Negro Leagues Shop

31) Clinton LumberKings

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    A number of minor league teams have used a lumberjack on their cap. It is hard to find a team that does it better than the Clinton LumberKings.

    The team is the Single-A affiliate of the Seattle Mariners.

    Photo Credit: Clinton LumberKings

30) Omaha Storm Chasers

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    A number of tornadoes occur in the Midwest every year. When the minor league baseball franchise in Omaha was looking for a new name and logo for the 2011 season, this was considered.

    A number of big names have been associated with the franchise. It was once managed by Jack McKeon. Warren Buffett is a member of the Storm Chasers' ownership group.

    Photo Credit: Omaha Storm Chasers

29) Casper Ghosts

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    This cap glows in the dark. Nothing more needs to be said.

    Photo Credit: Casper Ghosts

28) Gigantes Del Cibao

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    The Gigantes del Cibao are a team in the Dominican Winter League. A number of prominent major leaguers have played for the team.

    Two of the bigger names that have suited up for the Gigantes are Albert Pujols and Jose Reyes.

    Photo Credit: Amazon

27) Albuquerque Isotopes

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    D'oh! The Albuquerque Isotopes got their name from an episode of The Simpsons where the Springfield Isotopes threaten to move to Albuquerque.

    After the team changed their name to the Isotopes in 2002, they lead the minors in merchandise sales the following year.

    Photo Credit: Albuquerque Isotopes

26) Baltimore Orioles

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    The Baltimore Orioles' current cap is very boring. However, the team used to wear a much better cap.

    When the Baltimore Orioles wore this cap, they not only looked good, but they also had a large amount of success. They won the World Series in 1983.

    Photo Credit: New Era

25) Chicago White Sox

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    In Chicago, Cubs' caps certainly outnumber White Sox' hats, but that does not mean that the South Siders don't have a good cap.

    This is a fairly popular cap, and it is both simple and classy.

    Photo Credit: Amazon

24) Seattle Mariners

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    There are times when people wonder why a team went away from a certain design. This Seattle Mariners' cap is a perfect example of that.

    It looks much better than what they currently wear and is seen around Safeco Field whenever the Mariners play.

    Photo Credit: Seattle Mariners Fan

23) Cedar Rapids Kernels

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    As depicted in Field of Dreams, there are a number of cornfields in Iowa. It should not be surprising that one minor league team tried to incorporate this into their logo.

    The Cedar Rapids Kernels have managed to combine both baseball and corn in their logo by having a baseball bat come out of a corn stalk.

    Photo Credit: Cedar Rapids Kernels

22) Toronto Blue Jays

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    The Toronto Blue Jays made a great decision when they decided to unveil a logo that goes back to the team's early roots.

    The new Blue Jays' caps should look very similar to the ones that the team wore in the past which is good news because they were classics.

    Photo Credit: MLB Shop

21) Burlington Bees

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    The Burlington Bees have one of the best caps in minor league baseball. The team is the Single-A affiliate of the Oakland Athletics.

    A number of famous players such as Vida Blue and Catfish Hunter played for the Burlington Bees.

    Photo Credit: Burlington Bees

20) San Francisco Giants

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    The San Francisco Giants have a cap that has a simple design, but it works very well. Giants fans love these caps, and they are seen wearing them all of the time.

    Photo Credit: Lids

19) St. Louis Cardinals

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    Both of the St. Louis Cardinals' caps are outstanding, but the team's logo gets a slight edge over the "STL" cap.

    Nelly has worn this cap a number of times in his music videos, and he is certainly proud to represent his hometown team.

    Photo Credit: Die Hard Fans

18) Pittsburgh Crawfords

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    For those looking to add a new cap to their collection, a Pittsburgh Crawfords' cap should certainly be considered. The team had future Hall of Famers such as Josh Gibson and Cool Papa Bell.

    The Pittsburgh Pirates have honored the team a number of times and have worn Crawfords' throwbacks four times.

    Photo Credit: Negro Leagues Shop

17) Philadelphia Phillies

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    There is a good reason why the Philadelphia Phillies' cap has not changed much during the team's history.

    The organization is aware of the fact that you do not mess with something that works well.

    Photo Credit: Die Hard Fans

16) Detroit Tigers

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    The Detroit Tigers are another team that has gone with a simple design for their cap.

    It is almost as impressive as Justin Verlander is on the mound.

    Photo Credit: Lids

15) Kansas City Royals

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    Regardless of how they play, the Kansas City Royals always look good when they wear their alternate caps.

    The powder blue works well with jerseys and makes for a great cap.

    Photo Credit: Lids

14) Beloit Snappers

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    Jim Morris, whose inspirational story was chronicled in the movie The Rookie, was a member of the Beloit Snappers for part of his minor league career.

    The team is currently the Low-A affiliate of the Minnesota Twins.

    Photo Credit: Beloit Snappers

13) Montreal Expos

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    While the Montreal Expos may no longer exist, it is still possible to find their gear. Fans still show their support for the franchise by wearing Expos' caps.

    This cap is the best one that the Expos wore during their existence. The logo features an "M" for Montreal, a "E" for Expos and a "B" for baseball.

    Photo Credit: Lids

12) Lake Elsinore Storm

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    Imagine stepping to the plate and having the pitcher stare you down. Instead of looking into two eyes, hitters that face the Lake Elsinore Storm see four.

    The hats serve as a form of intimidation. The team is currently the Single-A affiliate of the San Diego Padres.

    Photo Credit: Lake Elsinore Storm

11) Orem Owlz

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    The Lake Elsinore Storm are not the only organization that decided to put eyes on their cap. The Orem Owlz have done it as well.

    The team is the Rookie League affiliate of the Los Angeles Angels.

    Photo Credit: Orem Owlz

10) Los Angeles Dodgers

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    The Dodgers' organization has a storied past. When the team moved to Los Angeles, they needed to start anew with a few things.

    One of the things that was changed was the team's logo and cap. The new design is a classic but still falls short of the Brooklyn Dodgers' cap.

    Photo Credit: Authentic MLB Caps

9) Brooklyn Dodgers

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    The "B" is an iconic logo that will never been forgotten even though there has not been MLB baseball in Brooklyn since 1957.

    The Brooklyn Cyclones pay homage to the Dodgers and their logo with their caps. Brooklyn Dodgers' caps are classics.

    Photo Credit: MLB Shop

8) Vermont Lake Monsters

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    Minor league teams get creative with both their team names and caps. Few teams have been more creative than the Vermont Lake Monsters.

    The team was a former affiliate of the Montreal Expos and was actually the last team to play a game under the Expos name.

    Photo Credit: Vermont Lake Monsters

7) Chicago Cubs

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    Walking around Chicago, it is impossible not to see someone wearing a Chicago Cubs' cap. Even after years of misery and despair, Cubs fans will still put on the cap of their favorite team.

    Photo Credit: New Era

6) New York Mets

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    The New York Mets' cap design has stayed fairly constant throughout the years. It has been with the team through the good times and the bad.

    In New York, this is still the second most popular hat there is.

    Photo Credit: Fans Edge

5) Montgomery Biscuits

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    Like many of the best minor league team names, the Montgomery Biscuits got their name from their fans. The name is certainly taken seriously by the team. They shoot biscuits into the air during home games.

    Poking out from behind the "M" on the Biscuits cap is Monty, a buttermilk biscuit who is the team's mascot.

    Photo Credit: Montgomery Biscuits

4) Richmond Flying Squirrels

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    The Richmond Flying Squirrels have the best cap of any minor league team. They are also another team that got their name from their fans.

    The flying squirrel on the cap looks like he could be a superhero.

    Photo Credit: Richmond Flying Squirrels

3) Milwaukee Brewers

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    The Milwaukee Brewers had one of the best logos in MLB history, but they went away from it for a number of years.

    Recently the team went back to this logo as a part of their throwback uniforms. The glove is actually made up of an "M" and a "B".

    Photo Credit: Amazon

2) Boston Red Sox

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    With its classic look, the Boston Red Sox's cap manages to come in at No. 2 on this list. It should come as no surprise which cap the team is sitting behind.

    Photo Credit: Red Sox Cap

1) New York Yankees

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    From Manhattan, New York to Tokyo, Japan, it is always possible to find someone wearing a New York Yankees cap.

    The team's logo is the most recognizable sports logo in the world as well as one of the most recognizable logos in the world.

    Photo Credit: Modell's