Denver Broncos: Grading Tim Tebow Against the San Diego Chargers

Kraig LundbergAnalyst IIIOctober 10, 2011

Denver Broncos: Grading Tim Tebow Against the San Diego Chargers

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    The Denver Broncos fell to 1-4 on the season with a 29-24 loss to the San Diego Chargers, but a silver lining may have been discovered in the loss.

    After an ineffective Kyle Orton was replaced by the polarizing Tim Tebow, the Broncos stormed back from 16 down to get within two, before succumbing to defeat in the final seconds.

    But was the close call really because of the play of Tebow?

    In a word, yes. Here is a breakdown of Tebow's performance and why he'll be the starter in the weeks ahead.

Pocket Presence

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    Grade: B

    Tebow is not a natural pocket passer, so he didn't look completely comfortable dropping back and delivering.

    That being said, the Broncos offensive line did a nice job of giving him time to throw, and he completed a couple of clutch passes to give his team a chance in the waning moments.


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    Grade: C

    A completion percentage of 40 percent doesn't normally deserve an average grade, but seeing as how the Broncos were playing catch-up, you have to be a little lenient.

    Tebow had a nice throw over the middle with just seconds on the clock to extend the drive, while earlier he completed a pass to Brandon Lloyd that, while not being a great throw, was put in a spot that gave only Lloyd a chance to catch it.

Arm Strength

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    Grade: B+

    Love him or hate him, nobody can deny Tim Tebow's strong arm.

    He showcased that arm strength in many of his passes against the Chargers.


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    Grade: C+

    Compared to his mechanics when he first came into the league, Tebow seems to have improved a lot.

    There was nothing in the game that showed he has particularly bad mechanics, although his throwing motion is definitely not ideal for an NFL quarterback.

    At this point, the Broncos will probably have to be content with that.

Scrambling Ability

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    Grade: A

    Tim Tebow really knows how to scramble.

    He finished the game with 38 rushing yards and a touchdown on six carries, and he extended several plays with his feet.

    The most notable of those was his touchdown pass to running back Knowshon Moreno in which he evaded several Chargers defenders before dumping it off.


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    Grade: A

    Tebow showed tremendous awareness in the little playing time he received, constantly evading Chargers pass-rushers and improvising to make plays.

    His touchdown pass to Moreno is also a good example of this, as he was able to get away from the rush and had the vision to find the open man.


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    Grade: A+

    No matter how good or bad Tim Tebow plays from week to week, you always know you are going to get 110 percent from him.

    The Broncos rallied around Tebow and the whole team seemed to play harder when he was put in.

    When you have a quarterback that can have that kind of effect on your team, chances are you should be starting him.


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    Grade: B+

    Overall, Tim Tebow proved why he should have been the Broncos' starter since Day 1 in Denver.

    Sure, Kyle Orton is more experienced than Tebow, and he probably has better accuracy and game management skills than Tebow. But something Orton seems to lack is the winner's attitude that Tebow exudes.

    On top of that, Tebow's scrambling ability adds another dimension to Denver's offense, which is in dire need of a spark right now.

    The bottom line is, Tebow seems to be that spark. He gets the crowd into the game, extends plays with his feet, has better throwing ability than most give him credit for, and makes the players around him better.

    Expect the former Florida Gator to be the Broncos' starting quarterback indefinitely.