WWE: 7 Reasons Randy Orton Will Now Share the Spotlight

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistOctober 14, 2011

WWE: 7 Reasons Randy Orton Will Now Share the Spotlight

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    Apr. 29, 2011, Randy Orton became a part of the SmackDown roster once again.

    On his first night, he main evented the show. One week later, he would capture the WHC, much to the chagrin of the WWE Universe and IWC.

    It was believed from that point forward Orton would be in firm control of the SmackDown brand.

    He would have a good run as champion and have some great matches with Christian along the way.

    Once he finished the feud and had gained back the title again, it seemed that we were in for a long reign by the Viper.

    During this time, though, a number of stars were emerging.

    Each star was growing from humble beginnings into something entertaining.

    Without a single main event feud, Mark Henry and Sheamus basically threw themselves onto the topmost echelon of SmackDown stars.

    No one saw it coming until this men were right in front of us.

    Now, it is obvious that Randy Orton is not the whole spotlight on SmackDown. Let's look at the seven reasons this has become more and more true.

7. Wade Barrett Is Next in Line

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    Wade Barrett has all of the skill to become a mainstay on SmackDown.

    All he needs is one more push.

    WWE knows talent, and they will soon see that they are neglecting a huge star in Barrett.

    Many stars lately have been getting big pushes, and I have no doubt that Barrett is the next man in line on SmackDown to finally get his due.

    Watch out for Wade Barrett soon.

6. Daniel Bryan Is Mr. Money in the Bank

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    No matter how much he is being buried, Daniel Bryan is still the 2011 SmackDown Money in the Bank winner.

    Sooner or later, WWE will wise up and realize that a star is right in front of them with all his momentum all ready in hand.

    In the next coming months, Bryan should slowly become a upper mid card star.

    Perhaps he can even become the definitive No. 3 face star on the show.

    No matter what, Bryan has that briefcase and will hopefully be using it before he loses it.

5. The Undertaker Will Make His Final Run on SmackDown

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    A legend and an icon, Undertaker has spent most of his career on SmackDown.

    He will not end his career anywhere but SmackDown.

    Whether he comes back for a few more matches or just one, Undertaker will the focus of the show as long he is there.

    With a legend like Undertaker building suspense to his final day, no one will eclipse his time on the brand.

4. Christian Is Still Here

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    Never underestimate Christian.

    He has been underestimated for his whole career, and only now has he been given a spot in the main event.

    Some people say that he complains too much and has not shown enough to be credible, but they seem to forget how long it has taken Christian to get here.

    No matter how he is booked, Christian is finally considered a main event star with his WHC reigns and his fights with stars like Randy Orton and John Cena.

    Christian will be in WWE for a while longer, and, with his skill, the sky is the limit for him.

3. Cody Rhodes Is Inching Toward Stardom

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    For at least a year now, Cody Rhodes has been proving all of his naysayers wrong.

    Since his breakup with Legacy, he has gone through many stages.

    At first, he seemed to be a generic but good wrestler. Then, he became a narcissistic character with the same good wrestling ability.

    Finally, Rey Mysterio was the catalyst that finally gave Cody Rhodes his gimmick.

    Since Mysterio broke Rhodes' nose, we have seen Rhodes become the complete package.

    He is a great wrestler with a noticeable gimmick and great mic skills.

    From this point on, 26-year-old Cody Rhodes will only be going one direction. Up.

2. Sheamus Has Become a Legitimate No. 2 Face

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    Sheamus has not been with the WWE for long.

    After his monster push in his first year with the company, it seemed that he was falling to the wayside.

    He would lose match after match, and some were saying that his win in the King of the Ring tournament actually buried him.

    Then he was picked as the final pick of the Supplemental Draft for SmackDown.

    He instantly became a star.

    He even almost captured the WHC from Randy Orton if it wasn't for a crooked referee in Christian.

    However, it wasn't until he turned face and took the fight to Mark Henry that Sheamus really became a power house in WWE.

    Now, Sheamus has shown that he has the talent and appeal to not only hold up as a backup to Orton, but as the possible new face of the brand.

    Sheamus will only grow more popular from here, so look for him to soon be taking the reigns from Orton, become the biggest face on SmackDown and grab the WHC.

1. Mark Henry Is Reborn as a Monster

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    Many superstars were drafted in the 2011 WWE Draft.

    Many watched the draft and were generally upset with the proceedings.

    One of the reasons that the night seemed frustrating is that WWE had decided to trade Mark Henry of all people on the main show.

    Why would it be a big deal to see this long time veteran move brands again?

    Well, Henry proved to us all that this was actually the most important trade of the night and of the whole draft.

    Henry came into his own quickly. He began destroying stars left and right.

    No one was safe.

    The push was one of the greatest runs WWE has implemented in years.

    In a matter of months, the mid-card mainstay Mark Henry became the greatest attraction on SmackDown.

    He has taken every opportunity he has given lately and become the face of SmackDown.

    Who needs Randy Orton?

Times Are Changing

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    WWE is realizing that it needs Orton and Cena less and less now.

    Each day, new stars seem to be blossoming and taking the place of our old main stays.

    With a variety of stars growing alongside the new main event stars in Mark Henry and Sheamus, SmackDown will not be the Orton show any longer.

    Orton still has a long run with the company left, though, so don't think that he is nearing the end of his career with all these stars.

    In fact, he will be around a lot longer to help more young stars emerge out of the sea of performers in WWE.

    Thanks for reading!