WWE: 10 Ways Triple H Can Revive RAW

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistOctober 11, 2011

WWE: 10 Ways Triple H Can Revive RAW

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    The WWE finally turned on Triple H.

    After months of failures and conspiracies against him, Vince McMahon took control and made John Laurinaitis the interim GM (even though technically the Anonymous Raw GM should still be GM).

    Triple H saw the world fall apart around him, and he had lost all control of the WWE.

    A grand conspiracy and a variety of superstars took him down.

    The question now is what is next.

    How can Triple H find a way back onto Raw?

    Make no mistake, this new Raw under Laurinaitis is not better.

    We have a guy who does not exude authority in control and making faulty decisions left and right.

    We may already need someone to help us save Raw once again.

    Perhaps that star is Triple H himself.

    Following are 10 ways that Triple H can give us an even better Raw brand and get involved in WWE programming as a whole. Perhaps he can even revive a program that has been infected by the Laurinaitis virus.

10. Give the Awesome Truth a Real Beat Down

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    Awesome Truth is back.

    We can all rejoice.

    Except Triple H and CM Punk.

    It might be a good way for them to make a statement by destroying these two.

    Not sure if it would be great to see overall.

    But it would certainly give Triple H a necessary boost forward to take control again.

9. CM Punk and HHH, Tag Team Champions

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    These two are ready to make an impact and try to take over.

    As tag champions, they would certainly make an impact.

    Is it the best way to get over?

    No, not really.

    But it would be cool to see for a little while before Punk becomes WWE champ again.

8. Get the Board of Directors Involved

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    Again and again, we hear that the Board of Directors is making huge decisions about who runs the WWE.

    Yet they have no real person to come out and represent their decisions.

    It seems suspicious that Triple H and Vince McMahon can both come out and represent what these men are saying.

    It may be time that Triple H takes some action and goes directly to the Board and sees where they stand on all of this change and chaos.

    I am not so sure if they agree with all the decisions Laurinaitis is making.

    Maybe someone needs to come out and represent the Board as a whole from now on.

7. Win the WWE Title

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    This seems like it would be higher, but this might just prove that Triple H is a wrestler again.

    Though he would still be holding the WWE title, so he would have the WWE top star.

    HHH is a 13-time world champion, and he could easily grab a 14th.

    It just might not be a good way to show he is a leader.

    It might just show that he is a brute.

6. Survivor Series vs. Team Laurinaitis

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    This is a practical and effective idea.

    Having Triple H lead a team against Laurinaitis could be great for the PPV.

    HHH could also put the GM spot on the line.

    Whoever wins controls Raw.

    It would be a great main event, and anything could happen.

    It would show off how effective each leader truly is.

5. DX Reunion

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    There has been talk again and again of Shawn Michaels coming back.

    Not to wrestle, just to wreck havoc.

    These two are masters at this and could maybe combine together to form a new DX.

    Perhaps have CM Punk and Zack Ryder join.

    It would certainly be entertaining.

    Maybe not star making except for Ryder who would have an awesome boost from it, but it would certainly be great TV.

    Think about all the woo woo woos, pipe bombs and crotch chops.

    Laurinaitis will never see it coming.

4. Get Control of the WWE Titles

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    Right now, every champion in WWE is against Triple H.

    Laurinaitis has the US champion and IC champion under his thumb.

    He somewhat has control of the WWE and world heavyweight champions.

    Triple H needs to get some people in control of those titles if he ever wants to make a dent against Lauriniatis.

    He can have the guy he beat down at Night of Champions win the WWE title.

    Have that guy he pedigreed win the US title.

    Maybe have his buddy who handcuffed him to a ring post and kissed his wife take the WHC.

    He could even have that guy who ended his career for a year take the IC Title.

    That would be team Triple H right there.

3. Address the Heel Hypocrisy

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    Mark Henry on the left is beginning his Hall of Pain.

    Also, Beth Phoenix and Natalya are running rampant, hurting the Divas left and right.

    Jerry Lawler came out last week and complained that he was not in a safe work environment after being attacked by Henry.

    He complained to Triple H rather Mark Henry who was standing right at ringside. No conspiracy there.

    These stars are complaining about their safety when they are the monsters creating the chaos.

    If Triple H called these stars out on their violence, the other people complaining might just realize that the danger is right in front of them.

    It was not entirely Triple H's fault.

    Before you take away HHH's power, action needs to be taken against guys like Mark Henry.

2. Find a Man Who Can Bring Order to the Chaos

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    Triple H has a problem.

    He has no support system.

    Other than CM Punk, who can come to help Triple H keep Laurinaitis under control?

    How about a man we all want to see come back?

    How about a man who knows a lot about "raising hell" and questioning authority in the WWE?

    How about Triple H bring back SCSA?

    That would be a moment to see.

    John Laurinaitis waves around his authority until Triple H says he has someone who wants to talk to him.

    Glass breaks!

    Stunner for Laurinaitis, and everyone cheers!

    A grand day for all wrestling fans.

1. Find the Conspirators

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    Some of the insanity happening in WWE right now is not entirely HHH's fault.

    There is someone behind the madness.

    Perhaps it is John Laurinaitis.

    Perhaps it was Vince McMahon.

    Maybe it has extended as far back as R-Truth's heel turn.

    Sure, his emotions and aggression have gotten the better of him at times, but he still obviously had a larger power behind him sabotaging his ability to run the business.

    If Triple H can find out who caused his fall, he may be able to find a way back in power.

WWE vs. HHH: A Grand Dilemna

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    In the end, this storyline is developing perfectly.

    There is intrigue, chaos and a sense of the unexpectedness around every corner.

    With Triple H beginning to fall behind, he needs to do something to make an impact.

    The question is what action does he need to make and will he be forced to make some decisions.

    Nothing is certain.

    Everything is permitted.

    The WWE is changing.

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