The New Ventures of the ICC

Rohini IyerSenior Writer INovember 18, 2016

The International Cricket Council or The ICC as it is known by its popular acronym has in the past few years two main jobs.

1. To follow the BCCI meekly in whatever it says or does; and

2. To think of newer and longer itinerary in the already packed cricketing planner.

There is no knowing what the ICC's next conjuring will be. In case it is unable to think on its own [which is demonstrated time and again, much to its embarrassment]. I have thought of some events which are mentioned below. Hopefully the ICC will think about it and give me my dues...


1. The T20 U-19 World Cup: If the ICC can think of a four yearly U-19 cycle, then a T20 World Cup should be a child's play for them. Considering the fact that now it is lobbying for a Olympic spot, the T20 World Cup should help a bit to the lobbying cause. Also, some teams will get to learn a thing or two from the power packed teens.


2. The Champions T20 Trophy: No, I am not talking about the Champions League T20. This one will be something like the Champions Trophy which takes place bi-yearly. I think with the help of this, the ICC should end up coercing the beleaguered Olympic committee and achieve its end. What purpose will this event [if it is created] serve, I don't know. But who is talking about thinking here, its money which does all that, doesn't it?


3. ICPL: This is optimism at the highest level. For once, supposing that the ICC has managed to broker and negotiate with the warring IPL and ICL committees, this will be the child of the joint venture: The Indian Cricketing Premier League or to be short: ICPL!


4. Champions League T20 World Cup: Now for the inaugural CL T20, only eight teams are playing, but the ICC advocates strongly, the philosophy of "The more the merrier," so it won't be contented with just eight teams, eventually it will globalise, liberalise, and diversify like a true entrepreneur. So then, it will and should be renamed as The Champions League T20 World Cup.


5. Seniors v/s Juniors Trophy: Since players like Lakshman, Dravid...etc are left out of the squad, they will make a committee of such fellow left out seniors and protest against the ill-treatment. So in order to pacify them, such an event will be issued with immediate effect. The format, I have no idea about, but i guess someone will do the honours!


6. Mixed Teams' World Cup: Frankly speaking, I copied this idea from the mixed doubles format in Tennis. Seems novel in any case. Every country's team will have both men as well as women so that there is no bias in terms of gender.

In any case, the female counterpart of the game doesn't get that level of importance as the men's. If it works, be ready to see the T20 version of it!


7. World 10en-10en Series: A backup just in case, the Olympic association refutes the ICC demand. Ten overs per team plus the confusing powerplays with field restrictions and God forbid, if it rains the the incomprehensible statistical marvel known as Duckworth-Lewis method will be applied. [And even if this doesn't work, it will be a "High Fiver" series.]