BCS Rankings Predictions: 5 Teams That Will Jolt Themselves Into Top 25

Kyle SkovCorrespondent IIOctober 9, 2011

BCS Rankings Predictions: 5 Teams That Will Jolt Themselves Into Top 25

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    The BCS rankings usually can get to be pretty surprising, but after poor performances by a group of the Top 25 ranked teams, there are now new places for teams to come and enter into the poll.

    Here are five teams whose stock has risen and have put themselves into prime position to get a Top 25 ranking.


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    Florida has fallen out of the Top 25 after being trounced by LSU this week.

    Will Muschamp is working with the group for the first time and he has done an outstanding job.

    Florida has only lost two games and they were to Alabama and LSU—the top two ranked teams in the country.

    Those are quality losses due to the caliber of the teams.

    If they grab a win next week against Auburn, they will once again be among the top teams in the country.

Notre Dame

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    Notre Dame is a team that is currently on a strong winning streak. They are on the cusp of getting into the Top 25 and will need to beat USC.

    With a win against USC on Oct. 22, Notre Dame will grab a low ranking in the Top 25.

    They will continue to surge once they gain a place.


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    The University of Washington is a team that is creeping up to the steps of the Top 25.

    In their last game, they played well against a Utah team that has had a rough time this season.

    The Huskies' next game is against Colorado, and although Colorado is not strong competition, it could be enough to push Washington into the Top 25.

    If they are able to beat Stanford the following week, then there will be no way the Huskies can be kept out.

Penn State

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    Penn State had a true gridiron game last Saturday against Iowa.

    Penn State has always been a team that is known for very strong defense. They recruit tough linebackers continually.

    If Penn State can continue to get into games that are defensive battles, they will be able to score just enough points to beat their competition.

    If Penn State beats Purdue, they will once again gain acceptance to the Top 25.

Wake Forest

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    Wake Forest placed themselves into the spotlight when they upset Florida State this past Saturday.

    They are a team that has built a strong 4-1 record. With a win against a surging Virginia Tech team this upcoming week, the Demon Deacons will get themselves through the door.

    The offense has pushed and pushed the team along and the passing game is one that most do not know how good it really is.

    Wake Forest showed its true colors against Florida State. They put up points and had a very great showing.