Tim Thomas Ahead in Stats, But Not in Votes

Greg ButlerContributor IDecember 3, 2008

Flash back to Nov. 4, when the 2009 NHL All-Star ballot was introduced. Tim Thomas, goaltender of the Bruins, was left off despite the fact he recorded the win for the Eastern Conference in 2008's All-Star Game.

Why would he be left off?

Maybe because Thomas and Manny Fernandez (current backup goaltender) fought for the job in preseason play, maybe because Thomas couldn't lead his team to the Eastern Conference Finals against the Rival "Habs," or maybe because the ballot is fixed.

Flash forward to December. As a write-in, Thomas has an astonishing 54,000 votes, but only .05 percent of the vote.

Back to the present. Leading vote-getter Carey Price has an almost untouchable 451,000 votes mainly because the 57th All-Star game will be held in Montreal, for their Centennial season and most of the Montreal fans have stuffed ballot boxes for their home team.

Despite the snub on the ballot, Thomas is playing through the adversity and leading all goalies on the ballot in goals-against average (GAA) and save percentage, with 1.88 and .940, respectively.

So I am encouraging all, young and old, Bruin lover and Bruin haters, to write in for Tim Thomas as (at least backup) goaltender for the 2009 NHL All-Star Game in Montreal, Canada.

The 2009 NHL All-Star Ballot Can be found here.