NBA Lockout: Why a Half Season Could Be Good for the New York Knicks

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NBA Lockout: Why a Half Season Could Be Good for the New York Knicks
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With the lockout looming in the NBA, there might not even be a season at all. But there could be a half season like the 1998-1999 season.

That year, the lockout lasted from July 1, 1998 to January 20, 1999. The regular season had been shortened to 50 games, as opposed to the regular 82.

The Knicks just barely made the playoffs as the No. 8 seed in the Eastern Conference by beating out the Charlotte Hornets by one game.

Although the Knicks had a talented group, which included, Patrick Ewing, Latrell Sprewell and Allan Houston, it is arguable that the shortened season helped the Knicks advance.

The Knicks were a good team, but an old one. It was Ewing's second to last season and he was 36. Sprewell, Houston and Larry Johnson were all older than 27.

The shortened season helped the Knicks that year because with an 82 game season the team probably wouldn't have made the playoffs. With only 50 games they had a record of 27-23, which is not a jaw-dropping record.

The Knicks beat the Miami Heat in the first round to advance to the semifinals.

After sweeping Atlanta and beating Indiana to advance to the finals, the Knicks lost to the San Antonio Spurs.

The Knicks went on an incredible run, and they were definitely helped out by the shortened season.

The 2011-2012 Knicks are a good, but not great team. They are a team that could benefit from a half season.

With Amare Stoudemire's knees being a problem for him his entire career, he could use the extra rest to play even better for the team.

Also, 35-year-old point guard Chauncey Billups will greatly benefit from a shortened season.

The Knicks are the type of team that could start the season hot, and then wind down, because of the fatigue to their older players.

Instead of starting off hot, and then slowing down as the season progresses, the Knicks could start off strong, and then, the season would end.  

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