Ohio State Football: Detailed, Play-by-Play Recap of Ohio State at Nebraska

Luke Pashke@@luke_pashkeCorrespondent IOctober 10, 2011

Ohio State Football: Detailed, Play-by-Play Recap of Ohio State at Nebraska

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    Ohio State's showdown with new Big Ten member, Nebraska, was a roller coaster ride to say the least. Going into the game, most of Buckeye Nation wasn't expecting much, but to their delight, they took off to a dominating start and a formidable lead. What seemed like a lost cause before the game was now a blowout in our favor, and it almost seemed to good to be true. 

    Unfortunately it was, and as fast as our Buckeyes took the lead, it was gone. Braxton Miller seemed to be having a coming out party until injuring his right ankle in the third quarter and our proud and solid defense came completely apart at the seams. I'm honestly still shell shocked that we let this one go.

    For the rest of the year for each game, I will be recounting a live journal that I record throughout the game. I will be narrate the experience of watching the game on television with exactly what I wrote. This was my experience for the Ohio State-Nebraska game.

The 1st Half

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    7:59: Minutes before game time, I find out my TV won't play ABC HD and the regular ABC is a complete shame to technology. Where am I going to go??!!

    8:02: After frantically running around my dorm hall, I find an empty community room on the second floor with a nice TV and didn't even miss the opening kickoff. Hopefully, no one comes in here... this could get ugly.

    8:04: The atmosphere in Lincoln looks awesome! Imagine if both teams were good!

    8:09: Jesse Palmer predicts a good game from the Nebraska defense. Is the sky blue Palmer?

    8:10: Don't worry this is the last of six commercial breaks before the kickoff.

    8:12: Nebraska wins the toss and elects to defer. They just can't wait to see our predictable offense.

    8:13: Kickoff is a touchback, and there goes our chance of scoring.

    8:14: Delay of game on the first play. I guess a week just wasn't enough to get that first play call through.

    8:15: Draw play for four yards.

    8:16: Completed pass!! Good for a first down! I feel like I haven't seen that in five years.

    8:17: No gain run from Jordan Hall on first down.

    8:18: Completed pass No. 2!! Miller to Boren for 11 yards.

    8:19: Tough run by Hall to make it 2nd-and-1.

    8:20: Lead play up the middle for OSU's third first down! This is certainly a season high!

    8:21: Miller cautiously runs for a yard. Not sure why he was so hesitant?

    8:22: Miller runs for an 11-yard gain and another forst down. This offense is moving the ball, and I don't know what to do with myself?

    8:23: Miller rolls out and ends up running about 30 yards sideways for a total gain of three yards.

    8:24: Illegal Procedure turns 3rd-and-2 into 3rd-and-7. Possible drive killer.

    8:25: Miller throws incomplete, intended for Stoneburner. Miller looks far more confident this week though.

    8:26: Forty-one-yard field goal attempt is good and OSU is on the board! 3-0 OSU.

    8:28: Abdullah takes the kick and gives his team excellent field position. This guy could be a game changer.

    8:29: Toss to the left and a facemask is called on CB Travis Howard. Penalties have been killing us all year!

    8:30: Loss of three on a run to the left.

    8:31: 3rd-and-9 on OSU's 33-yard line. Defense gets a big stop! Nebraska is going to attempt a 50-yard field goal. The kick is good. 3-3.

    8:32: When will this team stop shooting themselves in the foot?

    8:34: Since Nebraska got their first score the fans in Lincoln release a ton of balloons and proudly kill 100 birds...

    8:35: Draw play up the middle for five yards. I'm really liking these draw plays as long as we can throw the ball a little.

    8:36: Miller looks so much more comfortable in the passing game and then shows off his speed with a nice first-down run.

    8:37: Hall to the left for three yards.

    8:38: OSU lines up in an interesting formation, and Miller's pass should've been picked off! Freshman mistake right there. Timeout Buckeyes. 3rd-and-7. 

    8:39: Love Miller's release, but why has he struggled throwing a tight spiral so much?

    8:41: Miller scrambles for a big gain! 24 yards and a first down!

    8:43: Something like a screen pass to Stoneburner for a touchdown!! We do have a screen play in our playbook after all!! Watching my Buckeyes score a TD felt indescribable. I don't know what to say? 10-3 OSU.

    8:47: Nebraska does their best impression of Ohio State with a clipping penalty on their return and a 1-yard lead play on first down. 

    8:49: First down Nebraska on a short pass to Burkhead who turns it into a respectable gain.

    8:53: Reverse to the right by Nebraska for 14 yards and another first down.

    8:54: Pass to the left sideline complete to make it 3rd-and-1.

    8:55: Run up the middle for no gain on third down but it looks like Nebraska is going to go for it.

    8:56: Nebraska lines in the Wildcat and gets stuffed! Huge stop for the Silver Bullets!

    8:57: Wouldn't you know it, OSU starts off their drive with another false start.

    8:59: Hyde off tackle to the right, and he breaks a 63-yard touchdown run!! Great block from Fragel on the edge! Where has this offense been?? 17-3 OSU.

    9:01: Ohio State has more yards in the first quarter-and-a-half of this game than they did all of last week.

    9:03: OSU defense looks solid on the first two plays but gives up a first down on 3rd-and-5.

    9:04: Quick pass to the left for two yards. Nice open-field tackling.

    9:05: Martinez is sacked by Hankins for a one-yard loss!

    9:06: Ten-yard pass from Martinez for a big first down.

    9:07: Hankins is all over the field with another tackle for a loss.

    9:08: Bennett sacks Martinez on 3rd-and-10 to force a punt! Defensive line is looking great!

    9:09: Maher pins OSU inside the 10 with a nice punt.

    9:10: Hall up the middle for a gain of four yards.

    9:11: Hall carries to the left to make it 3rd-and-1.

    9:12: Hall up the middle for no gain. OSU will punt. Hey I remember this offense!

    9:15: Burkhead stuffed for no gain.

    9:16: Martinez keeps it on the option to make it 3rd-and-4.

    9:17: Martinez throws short for a moderate gain and a first down.

    9:18: Martinez connects to Cooper for a big gain. 

    9:19: Option to the right and Martinez is stopped by Storm Klein. Klein seems a little shaken up.

    9:20: Martinez rifles the ball to the back middle of the end zone, and Orhian Johnson breaks it up. Nice play by Johnson! Nebraska will attempt a field goal.

    9:21: Thirty-four-yard field goal attempt is good. 17-6 OSU.

    9:24: Hyde to the left for five yards.

    9:25: Draw play to Hyde for a gain of two yards.

    9:26: Miller fumbles the snap on third down and jumps on it. Oh no! Did I dream the offense's success??

    9:27: Great kick from Buchanan!

    9:28: Terrible throw by Martinez and it goes straight to Orhian Johnson for an interception! Is it just me or does it look like the ball ways 100 lbs when Martinez throws it? He looks like he's shot putting it.

    9:29: Miller keeps it and completely break's some dude's ankles on an impressive run that gets OSU into field goal range.

    9:31: Basil nails the 35-yard field goal, and OSU goes into the half up 20-6.

    9:32: Pelini seemed quite upset in his halftime interview and I don't blame him. If Nebraska was ever going to beat the Buckeyes you would think it'd be this year.

    9:33: Well its halftime and I'm extremely pleased! For one, OSU is playing exceptional, and secondly, I can finally go use the restroom in my dorm while my roommate holds my spot in the community room.

The 2nd Half

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    9:52: Wow! OSU has more rushing yards in the first half than total yards all of last week!

    9:53: Burkhead gets two yards on the first carry and seven on the second carry to set up a 3rd-and-2.

    9:54: Martinez slips on a roll out to the right and throws an incomplete pass. Nebraska will punt.

    9:57: Hall slips on 2nd-and-7 and loses a yard.

    9:58: Miller is given a ton of time and throws a bullet across the middle to a diving Chris Fields. Fields made a good effort on the ball, but it doesn't look like he came up with the catch.

    10:00: Review calls it incomplete but a defensive holding penalty also occurred on the play and will give OSU a first down on Nebraska's 35.

    10:01: Hall up the middle for two yards.

    10:02: Miller overthrows Fields for what could have been a touchdown! I almost jumped out of my seat!

    10:03: Miller hits Philly Brown for a 26-yard pass and Miller is looking so comfortable and confident in the passing game tonight. Great sign!

    10:05: Hyde up the middle for another Ohio State touchdown!! He did a great job on the second effort of keeping his feet moving. I frantically look around to ask someone to pinch me to make sure I'm not dreaming, but I am all alone. I better not be dreaming...

    10:08: Martinez keeps it on the option for five yards.

    10:09: Martinez scrambles for about five yards and gets derailed by Sabino. Silver Bullets are looking great and shutting down Nebraska's rushing attack.

    10:14: Hyde rushes to the right for a brutal three yards.

    10:15: Hyde up the middle for two more. Queue the classic "sit on the lead" play-calling from Bollman.

    10:16: Zone read and Miller keeps it and gets the first down but was stripped by a Nebraska defender. That was his first big mistake but he's still having an awesome game.

    10:17: Martinez keeps it on the read option and runs for an 18-yard touchdown. 27-13 OSU.

    10:22: Hall rushes to the left for three yards.

    10:23: Miller scampers for eight yards and a first down.

    10:24: Ohio State's 200th false start of the season sets up a 1st-and-15.

    10:25: Hall seems to be stopped for no gain but squirms out for a nine-yard gain.

    10:26: Miller rolls out to the right for a loss and is hurt on the play. It looks like it's his right ankle, and it doesn't look good. He needs assistance from two trainers to get off the field.

    10:29: Everyone's favorite Buckeye, Bauserman comes in and hits his favorite target...some random dude standing on the sidelines. Fourth down and the Buckeyes will punt.

    10:30: Nebraska fumbles the ball on a reverse which makes it 2nd-and-17, and then, Martinez runs for eight yards to set up a 3rd-and-9.

    10:31: Martinez winds up and throws, reminiscent of my eight-year-old brother's QB for a first down.

    10:32: Twenty-yard pass by Martinez and the momentum in this game is rapidly shifting to the Cornhuskers.

    10:33: Martinez scrambles for a first down on 2nd-and-3.

    10:34: Thirty-eight-yard touchdown pass from Martinez to Enunwa. You've got to be kidding me!! There's no way we're going to blow this...right?? 27-20 OSU.

    10:35: Miller is getting his ankle taped and is now walking very gingerly on the sidelines. If he can't go for the rest of the night, our running backs better be ready to carry this team.

    10:36: Bauserman almost throws a pick as my stomach turns in disgust.

    10:37: People hit the bunkers! Bauserman hits Brown for a first down. Nice catch by Brown.

    10:38: Nice run to the right by Hyde for a gain of seven yards.

    10:41: Hyde gives a great second effort for a big first down.

    10:42: Hyde to the right for a loss of three yards.

    10:43: Bauserman throws incomplete which forces a 4th-and-13 just outside of field-goal range. A draw play would have been good there. It could have gotten us in field-goal range, and more importantly, it would have taken the game out of Bauserman's obviously incapable hands. Bad decision by this coaching staff.

    10:47: Buchanan pins Nebraska inside the 10-yard line with a nice punt.

    10:48: Martinez picks up nine yards. Burkhead reaches first-down marker on the next play.

    10:49: Incomplete pass on 2nd-and-6.

    10:50: Martinez runs around for about 15 minutes then throws to receiver three yards short of the 1st down.

    10:53: Bauserman off play-action barely gets his "throw" away.

    10:54: Bauserman overthrows his target by almost 15 yards. Why are we throwing the ball so much with this bum??

    10:55: Great coverage on the punt! Coverage on kicks has been great all night actually.

    10:56: Burkhead up the middle for a 1st down and then he breaks a 14-yard run for another first down. This defense looks like it collapsing. I'm 100 percent panicking now!

    10:57: False start on Nebraska and that could be huge! Buckeyes D must step here! 1st-and-15.

    10:58: Martinez throws a nine-yard pass on second down to set up a big 3rd-and-4.

    10:59: Martinez rushes to the left for a first down. That one hurt.

    11:00: Martinez almost gets sacked then throws out to the flats. He hits Burkhead who makes Christian Bryant miss and runs for a Nebraska touchdown. Things really were too good to be true. I'm baffled to say the least.

    11:03: Bauserman is still in as I try not to cry. Doesn't look like Miller will be back in this game.

    11:04: Hyde runs to the right for a first down then up the middle for five more yards.

    11:06: Bauserman throws another pick. He won't rest until he ruins my entire night and all of Miller's efforts.

    11:08: Martinez runs for a huge gain and then gets a face mask penalty.

    11:09 Burkhead off the right edge for 22 yards. Our defense is playing absolutely awful!

    11:10: Burkhead runs for another touchdown. Someone get me a drink. This season couldn't get any worse.

    11:13: Is Bauserman really our second-best QB?? He gets sacked on first down. With him at QB, this game is over. Guiton please...or anyone else...ANYONE!

    11:16: Bauserman throws another terrible pass. It's so hard to believe he's our second-best QB. At this point' I'd rather see Fickell sling the pigskin. Nebraska ball.

    11:18: Burkhead on the toss for five yards as commentator Matt Millen continues to man crush on him.

    11:19: Burkhead gets tackled in backfield for a loss of four yards.

    11:21: Terrible call by the officials gives Nebraska a first down. They called head-to-head contact because Martinez was running as opposed to anyone else. What a joke! Penalty was on Christian Bryant.

    11:23: On the very next play someone hits Burkhead the exact same way Martinez was but no flag. What's the difference? Burkhead goes up the middle for another first down.

    11:24: Burkhead goes down in the backfield for a loss of five yards.

    11:25 Burkhead rushes to the right for game-winning first down.

    11:26: Nebraska is kneeling the ball. Game over. Wow. Completely shell-shocked.