Manchester City in Audacious £1.5 Trillion Bid for Serie A [Humor]

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Manchester City in Audacious £1.5 Trillion Bid for Serie A [Humor]

Manchester City insiders have revealed the true extent of their new owners' ambitions. A secret report lays out a 7,532-point plan for the development of both the football club and the Manchester City brand.

In a startling development, one of the plans for the Abu Dhabi-owned club is to buy Serie A. The rationale is that the owners will gain a number of top players and a high-quality feeder club network, as well as access to the financially rewarding hooligan network.

If the audacious bid were to succeed, the new owners of Serie A would have automatic access to a number of Champions League places, guaranteeing players a chance to play in that tournament if they perform well enough.

A spokesman for Manchester City has refused to comment, but when asked a direct question replied, "Nessun commento!"

There are advanced plans to rename Serie A "Serie Manchester City Development League on Behalf of Abu Dhabi United Group."

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