Cristiano Ronaldo a Cry Baby a Cheat

Muhammad Maklet SafinContributor IDecember 3, 2008

Many says he was the best footballer of 2007/08 season but is this mean he is not a cheater?.This is the answer we all trying to know he dives when ever someone touches him,he fights with referees even though his tackle is not good and when he dives and mistakenly  referee don't give a penalty or free kick he cries like a 10 years old boy.Last year FIFA player and d'Or 2007 when Messi was given second best look at his face at that moment a jeolous and may he want to beat Ricardo Kaka at that moment.When it Comes to a big Games he fails yeah he scored in European cup Final but missed 2 crucial Penalties one in Semi and one in Final thanks to John Terry Slip they won it and he was the reason of defeat in EURO 2004 and in 2008 he did not Performed in  Quarter Final.will he be in class of Pele George Best and Maradona at end of hi Carrier remember they never make blunders in big game.You   decide please give your opinion.because