The Longhorns May End Up Loving The Computers After All

J. Robert ByromCorrespondent IDecember 3, 2008

While Texas seems to be out of it if OU wins against Missouri, they still may have hope.  If Florida barely wins against Alabama another quandary will arise for the BCS, "Who is most deserving?"

While OU will be the Big 12 champion, it is so by a small margin in the BCS and those numbers should become even closer if Alabama falls out of the top spot. While the SEC champion vs. the Big 12 Champion makes the most sense on paper, there will certainly be a "more deserving" discussion.  

ESPN has made it clear it feels the Texas is most deserving, the computers say Oklahoma.  The polls are split, each having a different team ranked highest. So they, could have any team at 1, 2, or 3 in their final polls.

The facts will be in the losses: Texas lost on the road to a top 10 team; Oklahoma lost at a neutral site to a top 3 team; and that Florida lost at home to a good team that is outside of the top 25.

Florida will get more credit, as it should, for being the champion of the SEC. The computers will have Oklahoma, Texas, and then Florida.  So, if the polls are close, Texas could jump Florida through the computer rankings the way OU did them.

Don't be surprised if OU and Florida barely win that Texas could end up in the BCS championship game.  OU could end up jumped by both Texas and Florida if they barely win.  Expect much more politicking if that scenario occurs.

Do not think I am discounting the Tide. They have a great chance of beating Florida because they have the better defense than Florida has seen all year and are more than capable of winning, but I do not think Wilson can outplay Tebow.  So that defense needs to be stout and keep Florida to 24 points or less to win.