Florida vs. LSU Football Video: Watch Bogus Call Rob Tigers of Fake Punt TD

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When a great special teams play is pulled off, it deserves to be celebrated. That is what was done here and the touchdown is taken away from LSU.

The rule just took effect this year and it's a live ball foul that is to stop unsportsmanlike conduct.

The LSU player put his hands out in a taunting fashion on the 10-yard line. This, in the referees' eyes, was starting the celebration early and the ball became stopped dead as soon as he did the action.

He had every right to do it. It was a great play and if he wanted to start celebrating for it right as he started running and he saw the outrageous hole that Florida left him, then he should have started.

Yes, they want to discourage what they feel is unsportsmanlike, but when does the rule go too far?

The player did not get in anyone’s face. He did not do something outrageous after he scored.

All he did was put his arms out as if to ask Florida, “What now? You cannot stop me.”

And he was right. They could not stop him on that play and that moment of a small celebration was a moment he deserved. He should not have been penalized for it.

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