Longhorns Should Be More Grateful For OU's Run

J. Robert ByromCorrespondent IDecember 3, 2008

After Texas lost to Tech, they needed one of two things to happen, OU or Ok State to win out.  While the Picken's Project is much improved, no one believed they could do so and they proved everyone right on the road in Lubbock. 

So the Texas' fans had to hang their Big 12 title hopes on OU winning out against Tech and Ok State.  OU did so by handily beating the two by more than 60 points combined to get Texas back into the three-way race. 

That is the biggest reason I can't buy why Texas deserves it more.  A team that deserves it more does not need the other team to win its last two games just to preserve a tie.

Am I saying the Sooners deserve it more?  No, I do not feel they do either.  That is why I have no problem with the computers deciding when we have two human polls and one picks OU and the other picks Texas.