UFC 136 Results: What Did Gray Maynard Do Wrong?

Andrew BarrCorrespondent IOctober 9, 2011

UFC 136 has just passed us by and Gray Maynard has once again failed to win the UFC lightweight championship from Frankie Edgar—despite a more than valiant effort.

Similar to their fight at UFC 125, Maynard came so close to victory in the first round that he could almost taste it, rocking Edgar with big punches and almost finishing the fight multiple times.

Unfortunately for Maynard and also similar to their bout at UFC 125, Edgar was able to get his feet back under him and make a comeback in the proceeding rounds.

In the second, third and fourth rounds, Edgar used his footwork and quick boxing to keep Maynard uncomfortable and, late in the fourth, Edgar managed to catch Maynard with some big punches and ended the fight.

So, what did Maynard do wrong in this fight?

First and most importantly, he barely used his wrestling.

Maynard is arguably the best grappler in the lightweight division and yet he rarely attempted takedowns in this fight and chiefly used his wrestling defensively.

Even if Maynard's plan was to keep this fight standing and outbox Edgar, he should have thrown in a takedown here and there to keep Edgar guessing.

Maynard abandoned his grappling for most of this fight and that made him a little bit predictable and allowed Edgar to get in a groove.

Also, Maynard should have pushed the pace more in this one.

Part of the reason Edgar was able to have success was that Maynard allowed Edgar to control the pace after the first round.

If Maynard had been more aggressive he may have been able to keep Edgar in defensive mode and that might have stopped the champion from turning the tides.

Whether Maynard didn't push the pace because of cardio issues, I am unsure, but it seems like a possibility.

If Maynard picked up his pace and used his wrestling this could have been a totally different fight, but woulda-coulda-shoulda.

Maynard didn't do those things and, as a result, UFC gold still alludes him.

Despite the loss, Maynard is still one of the best fighters on the planet.

That said, he now has a long road ahead of him if he wants to get another crack at the 155-pound belt.

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