UFC 136 Results: Will Brian Stann Ever Wear UFC Gold?

Sal DeRoseCorrespondent IOctober 9, 2011

Brian Stann is one of the most awesome people in the middleweight division and entire UFC organization. But at UFC 136 against Chael Sonnen, he looked less than stellar.

Sonnen out-classed Stann in the two-round affair. Stann has had a proven weakness against strong wrestlers, and after stuffing Sonnen's first takedown attempt, the fight was all downhill from there.

Sonnen then began to take Stann down at will and began working him. This has been the closest Stann has come to earning a title shot, as the MMA community has largely assumed the winner of the Sonnen-Stann bout would get the next crack at middleweight champ Anderson Silva.

Stann, though, could one day claim UFC gold, but is that realistic?

The answer to that is no. He still has a glaring weakness against wrestlers, and with Sonnen and Mark Munoz lurking around, he will consistently find himself on the wrong end of MMA fights against high-level wrestlers.

Stann does possess strong knockout power along with some solid striking, but Anderson Silva is a whole different challenge.

"All-American" Stann has a way to go before he becomes a No. 1 contender. With Dan Henderson making his UFC return as well, it seems almost impossible the US war hero will ever win a UFC title.

I'm not saying it is impossible to see him hold a belt, but it almost is.


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