For the Philadelphia Phillies, 2009 Is Not the Year

Sean MatraiContributor IDecember 3, 2008

That's what this team is going to look in '09 unless they do something fast. I said it once, and I'll say it again, the Phillies are not going to win their division next year for a multiple amount of reasons. I'll carefully explain five reasons why the Philadelphia Phillies will not be in the postseason next year.


1. Pat Burrell

He was a big cog in their machine in '08. He hit 33 HRs for them, driving in 86 Rib-eye steaks. He was one of the reasons the Phillies won. If he doesn't return, than that's one less guy in the batting order


2.Utley is gonna be out til June

say it ain't so for Philly fans hes one of the reasons the Phillies win a whole lot of games that's another cog that will be taken out, leaving Rollins and Howard alone so sad


3. Unsecured about Moyer

Moyer may not,and since the Phillies did not offer Moyer salary arbitration which I'm very surprised of, he probably would not return. I could see him signing with the Rangers for a two-year deal, after all he went 13-7 for the Phillies he could do good for them.


4. The Mets and their plan

If they succeed in reforming their "pig pen," then they will be a very vital force in the N.L., if not all of baseball. I could see them winning over 100 games next year.


5. The Braves and this A.J Burnett thing

They hope to sign him to a five-year deal for around $80 mill. If he goes there, the Braves could start being competitive again