Michael Vick: Why Philadelphia Eagles QB's Career Won't Have A Happy Ending

Matt LeirdahlContributor IIIOctober 11, 2011

Michael Vick: Why Philadelphia Eagles QB's Career Won't Have A Happy Ending

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    Whenever Michael Vick steps on the field, he is a threat—there is no doubt about that. However, he will not be a threat forever.

    Every player's career comes to an end. Some have graceful exits and leave on top (John Elway), some stumble out of the league (Brett Favre).

    The end of Michael Vick's career won't be a happy one. Here are four reasons why:

He Has a Gigantic Contract

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    After his unexpected return to brilliance, Michael Vick was rewarded with a huge contract. A $100 million contract, in fact.

    This contract extends into 2016. Vick is 31 right now. 

    It is highly unlikely that Vick can sustain his current level of play through age 37. The Eagles will not want to continue to pay him those sums of money when his abilities start to decline.

    Of that, $60 million of the $100 million contract are not guaranteed.

    Most likely, if injury doesn't get him first, he will be cut, traded or be forced to renegotiate before that contract expires. 

He Is Injury Prone

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    Michael Vick has only played an entire season once—in 2006. 

    The more he plays, the more likely he is to be injured. It doesn't help that he plays like a running back and gets hit like one too.  

    He is not afforded the protections that other quarterbacks are by the referees. The refs see him as a glorified running back, making injury more likely.

    Maybe someday in the future, when Vick is out with an injury, some young gun will replace him like he replaced Kevin Kolb.

    Most likely, all the hits that Vick takes will take a toll on his health towards the end of his career, forcing early retirement. 

He Is Not a Pass First Quarterback

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    If Vick's style of play were to be classified, there is no doubt that it would be run first, pass later. Historically, pocket passers are the ones who win Super Bowls.

    As he gets older and his speed declines, being a pocket passer will be more important as his legs won't be able to extend plays like they used to.

    Unless he starts to drastically improve his ability to pass from the pocket, his team will not be making any runs in the playoffs.  

He Plays for the Eagles

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    Some of the most brutal fans in the league are Eagles fans. They will turn on Vick just like they turned on McNabb.

    Maybe they were right about McNabb. After the disaster in Washington and the poor start in Minnesota, things are not looking good for the end of his career.

    With the 1-4 start this season, it looks like they may turn on Vick sooner rather than later. 

    Not to mention, the Eagles have been a perennial playoff team, often going deep into the playoffs and have yet to win a Super Bowl. The prospects for Vick winning one in Philadelphia do not look good.