Javier Vazquez to the Atlanta Braves: One Down...Two More To Go!

Nate MyersContributor IDecember 3, 2008

The first piece of Frank Wren's offseason agenda is in place. Via trade with the Chicago White Sox, the Atlanta Braves have picked up right-hander Javier Vazquez to fill a need in their starting rotation. 

In the deal, the Braves received the aforementioned Javier Vazquez and 24-year-old inconsistent lefty Boone Logan.  The White Sox received four players, including Brent Lillibridge and Tyler Flowers, the up-and-coming catcher who showed outstanding power, hitting 12 homers in the AFL this fall. 

The other two players that were included in the deal were third baseman Jon Gilmore and LHP Santos Rodriguez.

Javier Vazquez will bring much needed stability to the Atlanta Braves. Even though Vazquez has a habit of having high ERA's in past seasons, be aware that he has been in the American League the past few seasons and averages 216 innings per year since the 2000 season. Vazquez also had 200 strikeouts last year.

Bottom line, I think Frank Wren is trying to do what he promised at the beginning of the offseason. The Braves are now one-third of the way there. Since Wren didn't get Jermaine Dye involved in this trade, that only leads me to believe that something else is in the works for a power-hitting outfielder.

Don't be surprised if something happens soon that lands the Braves an outfielder. 

Once Wren lands that outfielder, he will continue to try and get an ace. This would come to fruition if he is able to sign A.J. Burnett to a deal that would bring him to Atlanta. If not, he may have to look elsewhere via trade, and maybe even reopen negotiations with the Padres for Jake Peavy.