Before David Haye Fights Vitali Kiltschko

EJ ClaudioCorrespondent IDecember 2, 2008

He has been after the Klitschko brothers since he moved to heavyweight. But does David Haye deserve a shot at either Klitschko?

My answer is no. He doesn't deserve a title shot because The Hayemaker hasn't proven anything at heavyweight yet. He should move up the ranks to get that shot.

He did dispatch Monte Barrett easily, however, that doesn't mean you can just challenge the champ right away. Barrett wasn't even a contender when David beat him. In my opinion, Two Gunz was never a contender anyway.

I strongly believe that David Haye should at least have one more fight before he takes that step. And I mean a fight against a real contender.

Who should David Haye fight? There are a lot of names I can think about. There's Samuel Peter, Chris Arreola, Alexander Povetkin, and Sergei Liakhovich.

He could even considering challenging for a title right away in the form of Nikolay Valuev, but definitely not the Klitschko brothers. Valuev is more of a circus act than a real champion.

Among the names I mentioned, I would really love to see him fight Samuel Peter or Chris Arreola. The two fighters can really test David Haye. The fight would be very interesting as both fighters can really attack. It will test his chin if he can take a heavyweight punch.

The Hayemaker should stop barking at either Klitschko as both will annihilate him. He should make some noise by defeating a quality opponent instead of talking crap.