What's Going On With The Beermen?

EJ ClaudioCorrespondent IDecember 2, 2008

On paper, the San Miguel Beermen are unstoppable. With the addition of Jay Washington and Mick Pennisi, the Beermen has the added ceiling. Bring along Lordy Tugade and Dondon Hontiveros and you have the top shooters of the league. The point guard position isn't bad as well. They have Mike Cortez, Bonbon Custodio and the reliable veteran, Olsen Racela. So whats going on with the Beermen?

Eight wins and six loses?!?

Yes, they are at 2nd spot but they are not doing well. They are losing close matches. Their loses are not blowouts but heartaches. They fade during the crucial period. That means something for a team that is considered to be the best in the Philippine Basketball Association.

I don't want to blame Siot Tanquincen. In fact, I admire his coaching strategies. But someone has to take the blame.

In my honest opinion, the main reason the Beermen are losing close matches is "team chemistry". They don't know who their go-to-guy is during tight situations of the game.

This leads me to believe that they have too much superstars in their roster. They've become too good for their own good, so to say.

This is where the coach comes in to play. Tanquincen should be the one to dictate what each players role is. He needs to make them listen to what he wants to happen. And aside from that, he also needs to think of better game plans during closely fought ball games because its starting to dawn upon me that his team has no heart as they continue to choke in close games.

This is my favorite team and I don't like what's happening to them. Time for the Beermen to wake up and show us their championship spirit.