Projected BCS Rankings: 5 Powerhouses That Will Be on the Outside Next Week

Kyle SkovCorrespondent IIOctober 8, 2011

Projected BCS Rankings: 5 Powerhouses That Will Be on the Outside Next Week

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    After Week 6 of the college season many teams have been showing their true colors. The teams that are renown powerhouses that are having a downswing year are appearing now.

    Many teams were in the Top 25 rankings going into the season and quickly fell off. Others, however, were able to hang around but when conference play started it showed what was being hidden by an early weak schedule.

Florida State

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    Florida Sate is a strong team that started to fall off. Their last straw was this week, when an unranked Wake Forest squad upset them.

    Sitting on a record of 2-3 they do not have enough to debate for a Top 25 ranking anymore.

Kansas State

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    Kansas State was lucky to break into the Top 25 during this week. But as fast as they came in they will fall out.

    They will no longer be undefeated after their game against Missouri. The upset is imminent as they take on a Missouri Squad that is tougher and more talented than they are.


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    Texas is a talented team like every year, but their inability to move the ball against a great Oklahoma team has them falling all the way down to the bottom of the Top 25 or falling out altogether.

    With a freshman commanding the offense now Texas’s efficiency is not where it should be.


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    This is going to be a tough pill to swallow for many people, but after a loss to LSU, Florida will be in the same shoes as their instate rival Florida State. They will be on the outside looking in.

    Florida is in their first year under a new coach, Will Muschamp. They have looked like a great squad, but they are going to be knocked down a bit by a really tough SEC.

Arizona State

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    Arizona State has had a rocky time as they bounce in and out of the Top 25. They got a statement win against Missouri, but since then they had not done anything to keep themselves in a top ranking.

    After having a rocky start against Utah they have shown how weak they are. Upset or not, if they do not end up blowing out Utah they will be dropped out of the Top 25 and watching all the teams rise around them.