The Axe for Plax?

Ethel LairContributor IDecember 2, 2008

To lower the axe or not to lower the axe on Plax? That is the question everyone is asking.

Were the New York Giants right or wrong to lower the axe on Plaxico Burress? Plaxico lowered the axe on himself! He should have had  better judgement than to put himself in the position he is in now. That part we and probably even he can agree on. 

He was not just in the wrong place at the wrong time. He has been making wrong decisions lately for sure. It seems he was only thinking of himself and not others. He especially was not thinking of his team, coach and the whole New York Giants organization.

Not only did he get himself in trouble with such irresponsible behavior, but some of the other players where there with him, from what I understand. 

Were the New York Giants right to discipline him the way they did? I say, yes they were. He would not be able to play physically due to injuries and also because he has more consequences to face legally as well.

I do not feel he is never going to return. Look at others who have had more serious charges. Many other players in football and other sports have been forgiven and been rehabilitated and reinstated.

There is such a thing as genuinely true repentance and making changes in ones life and being reinstated and accepted again by the NFL and his team. Let's not all be quick to judge him and condemn him without giving him a chance to turn his life around.

It has been done before and may God help him to ask forgiveness of God, his family, friends and of course his team mates and the whole Giant organization and the NFL.

So, he does deserve the punishment given him right now by the team and perhaps the NFL?  He does not, however, deserve to be written off and never given the chance to truly repent and make restitution.

True repentance, by the way, means to be truly sorry and turn away from your old ways. 

Most of us have been given at least one chance in life at one time or another. So we'd best as fans, media, fellow players and everyone who has heard about or read about Plaxico Burress and his problems not cast the first stone without looking at our own mistakes first.

Yes, folks Plax did deserve the axe by the New York Giants. He does have to face the charges and he will have his opportunity to defend himself and is innocent until he is proven guilty, right? Isn't that the American way? Sadly many times its not the media's way.

He will have to admit first he was wrong.  Then decide to make it right with everyone involved and those who have been affected by his mistakes. He has made other mistakes in the past and this was the one that may finally make him see he needs to look at the things he has done and what it has cost him and others.

Then and only then he can get the help he needs to turn his life around. I hope we all give him a chance to do just that. I believe he will and that may be one fan and writers opinion. Hopefully others will as forgiving as I am.

Others will watch and he will have to show them by his actions and not just his words and that is understandable. I, too want to see more than words that he will change. I believe he will make it happen.

I hope we stop making athletes into idols and heroes. They are just people human beings and sometimes they fall. One thing I feel bad about is that all the young fans have to hear and read about what happened to Plaxico and many other heroes in the sports and entertainment fields.

I hope they don't follow their examples.They need there parents to do what is right and be there heroes more than others.

Let us not all lower the axe completely on Plax. We should let him have his day in court first. Let Plax and the Giants work things out in the future as well. Again, don't write him off for good and say his future in football (hopefully with the Giants) is over. He has paid for his mistakes in the past and is paying big time already for this one.

True, as I said before he brought this all on himself and does deserve to be punished. He also deserves to be forgiven when he does ask for it and backs up his words by doing something to change and turn his life around for the better. He will need help from others as no man is an island and we all need help sometime. Now it's his turn to receive help.

Sometimes we have to lose something before we realize just how much it means. Plaxico if you read this by some small chance know this is one fan who is praying for you to come back to football sooner than later and be once again a New York Giant!

Now, will you, the media, fans, and the public in general join me in giving Plaxico a chance.

He has had the axe fall and is punished already and may still have to face a lot consequences for his actions. Let him have his day in court and defend himself first. Let the law, the NFL and his team do the disciplining.

DON'T TRY AND CONDEMN HIM IN THE MEDIA. May we all do unto Plaxico as we would have others do unto us in this same situation. Forgive and you shall be forgiven. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. If you've never made a mistake than go ahead and throw stones (words of condemnation).

Let us all try to put ourselves in Plaxico's shoes. Sure he was and is wrong, but lets wait and see what he has to say and give it time.

Don't keep it burning in the media until it is blown into what it is not a death sentence to Plaxico's career in football and against his life in general. I am not a professional writer just a fan who enjoys her teams and happens to also enjoy writing about it. This was a hard one to write.

I have been a big Plaxico fan and so I just pray my story and his will have a happy ending sooner rather than later. 


Written by Ethel M. Lair