WWE News: David Otunga, Dolph Ziggler, Mark Henry, Who's Stock is up?

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistOctober 8, 2011

WWE News: David Otunga, Dolph Ziggler, Mark Henry, Who's Stock is up?

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    WWE is in full-on protest mode in what seems to be a wrinkle in their current power-struggle angle directly influenced by the current Wall-Street protests.  

    The correlation between the two protests makes now a more than an appropriate time to debut the latest stock watch piece as a handful of wrestlers surge in the face of WWE's top angle, while others fall by the wayside. 

    The current union storyline affords a generous handful of wrestlers opportunities to shine in an otherwise crowded crop of heels and babyfaces, who have legit beefs with the Triple H era on Raw.

    The latest stock watch should help create some separation between the main players and the supporting roles as WWE approaches the meat of a major storyline.   

STOCK UP: Christian

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    For all intents and purposes, Christian is the leader of the disgruntled wrestlers currently protesting against Triple H, namely the heel faction, and the former world champion stands to benefit from it. 

    Christian spoke for the group this past Monday on Raw, rendering the initial vote of confidence that set off a chain reaction of similar votes which in turn lead to the walkout. 

    As the voice of the recently-formed union on Raw, expect Christian to be among the most vocal detractors of Triple H and his current reign as COO on Raw. 

STOCK UP: David Otunga

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    As the high-powered attorney in all this, David Otunga finds himself surging from a fledgling, nameless tag-team wrestler to having an integral role in the current walkout angle.

    Otunga's wrestling efforts will likely be limited, allowing Otunga to further develop as a character and possibly manufacture a nice push up the card. 

    Otunga's lawyer gimmick is very unique, and has a lot of potential to be special for a long period of time if done right. 

    This is a stock with a lot of value as could still be seen as affordable, while potential for growth remains high. 

STOCK DOWN: John Morrison

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    John Morrison has settled nicely into the unenviable position of enhancement role, as he is regularly called upon to put top flight heels over as credible champions or contenders.

    Morrison spent much of last month on the losing end to upstart WWE champion Alberto Del Rio, while he served as an appetizer to the unstoppable Mark Henry, as Morrison became yet another member of Henry's Hall of Pain. 

    Despite a recent Twitter rant that incorporated with both shoot and worked elements, expect nothing out of John Morrison in the union stable as the upper-echelon heels will likely be the key voices. 

STOCK DOWN: Daniel Bryan

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    Despite being the reigning Money in the Bank champion, Daniel Bryan has had some tough sledding as of late, and even vented about such during a losing streak uncharacteristic of a Money in the Bank Champion. 

    Bryan will continue to trend downward as a babyface (for now) in the midst of an angle that will be sure to place emphasis on the heels as top adversaries to Triple H. 

    Bryan's stock could be a value option should subtle teases of a heel turn eventually pay off. 

STOCK UP: Dolph Ziggler

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    Dolph Ziggler continues to be groomed as a potential world champion, and should shine during WWE's top angle. 

    As the charter member of Vickie Guerrero's expanding stable of heels, Ziggler will continue to benefit from Guerrero and her heat-magnet ways. 

    Ziggler remains WWE's longest current reigning champion, but any future loss of the U.S. title would bode well for Ziggler, as the next logical step would be to chase a major championship. 

STOCK UP: Jack Swagger

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    Suddenly, Jack Swagger matters, which is further proof that Vickie Guerrero is the best manager in wrestling. 

    Swagger's mild success recently may be a residual result of Zigger and Guerrero's chemistry, but it's a foot in the door. 

    Swagger is limited on the mic, so don't expect too much from him in the speaking department, but there is always a looming chance of a Guerrero and Ziggler split, leaving Swagger to reap the benefits. 

STOCK DOWN: Jinder Mahal

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    With Khali out of the picture for the foreseeable future, Jinder Mahal's character matters less then ever. 

    He already seems to be dipping into an unfavorable role as a lower-echelon enhancement heel, but it's still early in Mahal's career so there is no need to panic too much about Mahal's future for now.   

STOCK DOWN: Ezekiel Jackson

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    The former Intercontinental Champion is fizzling out as a misplaced babyface. 

    Jackson's value lies in the monster heel role this early in his single's career, as very little of what he does in the ring makes people want to cheer. 

STOCK UP: Sheamus

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    This one is a no-brainer, and unfortunately his stock price is already too high to be considered a value option. 

    In any event, there seems to be an imminent push in store for Sheamus, who is currently the odds on favorite to compete for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania in the franchise's ever-changing WrestleMania main event picture. 

STOCK UP: Mark Henry

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    Mark Herny's stock is the darling of the market right now, and those who bothered to invest in it per my instruction around the time of his initial push are seeing this stock reach unbelievable heights.

    Henry's reign as World Heavyweight Champion is rumored to be for the long-haul, possibly until WrestleMania. 

    With Randy Orton always in the mix, there should always be a level of concern as one bad ratings week on SmackDown could mean an emergency title change. 

STOCK UP: Cody Rhodes

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    It's no secret that Cody Rhodes is the SmackDown equivalent of Dolph Ziggler as a world champion in waiting, and Rhodes is further in his development as he has stronger mic work. 

    The recent return of the classic Intercontinental Championship gives Rhodes the edge as a more credible champion by association, and should he continue to defend it as a fighting champion this will only help his cause. 

STOCK UP: Awesome Truth

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    The Miz and R-Truth are the centerpiece of WWE's top angle as their rebellion against Triple H has lead to ensuing chaos on recent pay-per-views. 

    Miz and Truth have gelled as a team since day one, and instead of going the boring tag-team champion route, the two have soared straight to the top as the top heel tandem in the WWE. 

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