Top 10 Hitting Baseball Players of 2008

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Top 10 Hitting Baseball Players of 2008

This year was a low year for hitters, no one reached 50 home runs and no one in the AL even hit 40 home runs. But there was still a lot of good ball players out there hitting balls out of the park. Here is my top ten hitters of 2008.

1. Albert Pujols- He won MVP, as he should. Nearly getting the highest BA but lost to Chipper Jones in a close contest. If he did not get injured he would have had a fighting chance at a Triple Crown.

2. Ryan Ludwick- Yes, another Cardinal in these rankings. But with numbers like he put up this season he deserves it. If he stays in St.Louis Ludwick will have a lot of RBI opportunities since he's batting in the same line up as Albert Pujols, Troy Glaus, and Yadier Molina.

3. Alex Rodriguez- Ludwick and Rodriguez were nearly a virtual tie between the two put if Alex Rodriguez hadn't got injured he would have dominated Ryan Ludwick. Alex got 35 home runs and batted .302. Next season expect him definitely in the top two.

4. Manny Ramirez- Manny had one of the best seasons known to man. Getting 37 Home runs and batting .332 for the Red Sox and Dodgers. You can expect him to get these numbers when he comes to New York before the 2009 season.

5. Miguel Cabrera- After coming to Detroit many thought him and Ordonez, Granderson, Guillen, Rodriguez and Polanco were going to create an offense for the ages but no one but Cabrera met their 2007 stats. He put in 37 home runs and batted .292.

6. Hanley Ramirez- Being the base of one of the best infields in baseball Hanley Ramirez dominated in 2008. Knocking in 33 home runs and a .301 BA is not bad for a guy who is just starting out in the majors.

7. Ryan Howard- He led the majors in home runs with 48 and RBI with 146 but his .351 BA put him No. 7 on the list. After a not so good first half he came back to lead his team to the playoffs, and even a World Series win.

8. Lance Berkman- If you put Bergman's first half with Howard's second half you would have one of the best players ever. Berkman was the front runner along with Chase Utley for MVP until other players went on tremendous surges and they were left in the dust. Berkman piled up 29 home runs and a .315 BA.

9. Josh Hamilton- Hamilton got 130 RBI's in 2008 which is no surprise when your batting with Ian Kinsler, Milton Bradley, Michael Young and Daniel Murphy. His .304 BA and 32 home runs are no slouch either.

10. Kevin Youkillis- Youkillis batted in 29 home runs and a .312 BA are ahead of MVP winner Dustin Pedroia. Youkillis should have got second in MVP voting but once again the rightful player is cheated out.

How ever in the world Dustin Pedroia won the MVP I don't know, he only got 17 home runs and a .326 BA. In my book he isn't even MVP of his own team.

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