Big Ten Expansion: 5 Reasons To Expand, 5 Reasons To Stay Put

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Big Ten Expansion: 5 Reasons To Expand, 5 Reasons To Stay Put
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The conference expansion rumor mill keeps plugging along (and getting in the way of perfectly good football).

Texas A&M has made a move to the SEC leaving the door open for one more.  The Big 12 filled the hole left by the Aggies with TCU in the most logical move ever—the complete opposite of "TCU to the Big East."  The ACC saw the writing on the wall and nabbed Pitt and Syracuse from the Big East and taking with them a handful of rivalries and any stability the shaky conference had left.  

The Pac-12 looked around, sent out feelers and made everyone think for a minute it would score a coup with the addition of Texas and the Oklahoma schools but decided to stand pat.  The Mountain West just sat around licking its lips at the thought of a world without the Big East, while the MAC, Sun Belt, C-USA and WAC all waived their arms trying to remind everyone that, "hey guys, we're still here!"

Through it all, the Big Ten just sat quietly and watched.

Now, as things begin to settle down, we are left with the question: what is the best move for the Big Ten?

Should Jim Delany look to push the conference membership even farther past the bounds of logical nomenclature?  Should the conference come crawling back to Missouri before she lands in the arms of another?  Rutgers, seriously?

Far be it for me to tell Jim Delany how to do his job, but if I were in his secret lair far below the streets of Chicago, I would have a few pros and cons to throw in the ring when it comes to moving the Big Ten to 14 or 16.

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