The 50 Hottest On-Field NFL Cheerleaders of 2011

Matt MartinezCorrespondent IOctober 11, 2011

The 50 Hottest On-Field NFL Cheerleaders of 2011

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    With five weeks now in the bag, the NFL is in full swing. But forget about the rise of the Lions and the sudden decline of the Colts, that's not why you found yourself here.

    The true talent is on the sideline. Let's take a trip outside the lines to a world that doesn't get enough TV time.

    Five weeks of games translates to five weeks of high kicks, gyrating bodies and eye appealing skimpy outfits. These are the 50 hottest on-field cheerleader shots of the 2011 season.

50. Classic Pose

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    Nothing beats the Statue of Liberty pose: it's simple and shows a lot of skin. 

    I'm also a big fan of the "looking up" angle, though a shot from above might get us a better angle of what's going on upstairs.

50. Pretty in Pink

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    So she's not a natural blond. Tell me you wouldn't want her in your corner at your Turkey Day game. That's what I thought.

48. Pearly Whites

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    I'm a huge fan of this costume. It covers up the places we don't care about and showcases the goods. If only I could train my eye not look at those shiny pom-poms. 

47. Fierce as a Bengal Tiger

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    Great profile. Also, the wild hair makes her look a bit mysterious.

46. Sunsplashed Hair

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    I consider myself a pretty good at assessing one's personality on the spot. She looks like a lot of fun. Just sayin'.

45. Action Hair

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    Equipped with a mane of blond locks I'm sure this beauty has never bought herself a drink.

44. Bigger in Texas

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    And I'm not talking about pickup trucks or steers.

43. Sculpted

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    It takes more than a full regiment of cardio to acquire this physique. Somebody has been hitting the kettle bells.

42. Fun in Dallas

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    It's hard to argue with a classic. Who doesn't enjoy this tested getup? 

    It helps when you have a perfect body, too.

41. Front to Back

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    Curious what San Diego cheerleaders look like from both angles? You're welcome.

40. Nap Time

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    Maybe it was a long Saturday night, or maybe she just enjoys a quick power nap.

    No matter the case, she showed up and she looks good.

39. Action Hair, Part Deux

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    Since this is only a still photograph, I'm not sure if this really is an action shot. But it would have taken a Jersey Shore amount of hairspray to make these locks stand on end.

38. Miami's on the Scene

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    Brunettes can be happy and smiley, too. Sometimes (and this is a rare case), a nice face is all we need.

37. Our Nation's Capitol

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    The Redskins are leading the NFC East and she's all smiles. Whip that hair back and forth (just whip it).

36. Hungry Eyes

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    A seductive stare can bring a man to his knees. 

35. Give Me a Hug

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    Everyone likes a friendly cheerleader, especially when she's your team's cheerleader. And believe me, she's friendly.

34. Super Chargers

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    We've all got into the "friend zone" with this type of girl. 

33. The 80's Are Back

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    Crimpy hair has made its way back into society--in a hot way. 

32. Mile High Club

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    The Broncos might suck, but at least their fans can look to the sidelines for some joy. She probably deserves a higher spot on the countdown, but she turned me down for a date back in '09.

31. Classic Beauty

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    I wouldn't be surprised if she was a former beauty queen. Lucky for her, she's still competing for a high spot on the countdown.

30. Lonestar Babe

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    I may not be a fan of the Cowboys, but I am a fan of getting two hot chicks in one shot. Even if one of them is completely out of focus.  

29. Who You Lookin' At?

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    It's always nice when cheerleaders play to the crowd. It's even nicer when you run into them at the bar.

28. Marine Biologist

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    Maybe she's studying to be a marine biologist or maybe she's just a Dolphin cheerleader. Either way, she looks great.

27. Rocket Scientist

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    Did I mention that every girl in this slideshow is a genius? 

26. Her Hair Is Alive

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    Avert your eyes, or she'll empty your wallet. Girls cost a lot of money. Am I right?

25. Karate Body

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    Why is she called a karate body? Because that thing is kickin'. 

    Get your own slideshow if you don't think that's funny.

24. Pouty Lips

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    You're supposed to be cheery. Why so glum?

23. Great Smile, Better Body

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    Andre Johnson may be out for the next month, but Texans fans need only look to the sideline for a reason to turn that frown upside down.

22. More Crimpy Hair

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    Didn't notice her face? It's hard to focus above the neck when you're fixated on those curves.

21. Gumby Hottie

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    A woman's flexibility can come in pretty handy. For example, when you drop your keys behind your dresser. 

20. Philly Stinks

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    Tell your face. Wait a minute, you already did. Who saw this God awful 1-4 start at the beginning of the 2011 season?

19. Hot Pants

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    She looks amazing and she supports the troops. What a woman!

18. Gold Rush

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    San Francisco has taken the NFL by storm. Just ask this blazingly hot cheerleader. She's all smiles. Ear to ear, baby.

17. Lounging

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    She doesn't even need to cheer to make this list. Take a load off, we all know your job is extremely tiring.

16. The Spirit of St. Louis

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    What an angle. God bless you, Joe Robbins. You've done it again.

15. Not a Saint

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    The Saints are quickly becoming one of the most consistent teams in the NFL. Their cheerleaders are beginning to follow suit.

14. Happy to Be Here!!!

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    There's no way you're still reading what I'm writing.

13. Woooh!!!

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    She not only cheers, she sings along with the accompaniment. It's nice to see a multi-talented girl make the list. 

12. It's Always Sunny in San Diego

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    No comment necessary. This girl may be perfect.

11. Nice Teeth

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    It doesn't look like this is a real smile, but clearly oral hygiene is a big part of her life. 

10. Sassy in Houston

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    It's a game. Let's have a bit of fun in between the cheers. 

9. First and Goal

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    Wait, there's a game going on out there?

8. Tampa Babe

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    She's already forgotten about the 48-3 drubbing the Niners put on her Bucs. You gotta like that type of attitude.

7. San Francisco Treat

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    She can't stop dancing after that Buc game. If a 45 point win means this kind of celebration, let's hope San Fran wins their sixth Super Bowl.

6. Positivity

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    You might think you've seen her before. But with that rockin' bod, she needs to be enjoyed twice.

5. Showing Some 'Skin

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    I don't know what she's smuggling in her top, but they sure want to get out.

4. Daisy Dukes

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    You gotta love costume changes. Sure, the cheerleader outfit is hot, but some cutoff jean shorts can really get your blood boiling.

3. J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets

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    It's not easy to make the top three. It takes tireless dedication to looking hot at all times. Mission accomplished.

2. God Bless America

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    I know what you're thinking: how is she not number one? Recently, she was seen taking performance enhancing drugs.

1. Broncos in First Place

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    Well, maybe not in real life, but certainly on this list. Human bodies should not look this good.