WWE Raw in Turmoil: 6 Big Things We Might See This Monday

TJ Nagy@@tj_nagyAnalyst IIIOctober 10, 2011

WWE Raw in Turmoil: 6 Big Things We Might See This Monday

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    After weeks of turmoil, the foundation has finally collapsed on Monday Night Raw. After HHH's vote of confidence resulted in everyone but five men walking out on the company, the longest running episodic television show in history has completely and utterly been decimated.

    HHH has stated that even with only five superstars left on his roster, Raw will be held on Monday, same time as always (hopefully with cameramen), and he will not be stepping down from his newly acquired, and highly criticized COO position.

    It's safe to say that things have reached critical levels on Mondays, and expect some big things to come on Raw when it does finally begin. We may be looking at a very historic night in the WWE.

    The show must go on, and here's a few things that this show just might have in store.

CM Punk Will Confront HHH

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    CM Punk has said it all along, even when he's fighting HHH and making fun of his wife...There's somebody else pulling the strings in all this.

    Even though Punk and Trips have had their differences lately, after what happened last Monday, things are going to get much more interesting between the two, and whether relations gets better or worse remains to be seen.

    Maybe Punk will finally see that HHH is not the one to blame for all of this. It would definitely get the crowd going if both men stood in the ring and called a truce, at least until they can save the WWE from self-destructing.

    I sincerely doubt that the arrogant "Voice of the Voiceless" would do that though, and I also don't see HHH putting his ego in check in order to join forces with a man he hates as venomously as Punk, even if it would benefit the WWE's current situation.

    Instead, I predict a very good segment between the two this Monday, and an angry Punk ready to speak his mind and call out his boss like he's been prone to do. When you have two of the best microphone men in the business going at it, you're sure to see a very heated encounter.

    Punk loves using his pipebomb, and after staying pretty quiet over the last few weeks, it may be time to turn it up a notch like he did back in July.

    The two have struck gold together before during their confrontations, and I expect them to do it again on Monday in what will probably end up being one of the most entertaining segments of a very unpredictable night.

John Cena Will Finally Get Involved in the Conspiracy

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    For a storyline as huge as this, it's very interesting to see John Cena not at the forefront of all this controversy. In fact, Cena hasn't really gotten involved at all, he's been busy chasing the WWE Title and feuding with Alberto Del Rio.

    It's amazing that, while the company he loves crumbles in front of him, Cena has really stayed out of the conspiracy in every conceivable way.

    However, after the brutal beatdown at Hell in a Cell, and the following night's outcome on Raw, there's no way that Cena can stay quiet anymore. If HHH ever hopes to revive the WWE again, he has to throw Cena into the mix, whether Cena likes it or not.

    Cena's always been about one thing, and that's the WWE Championship. But he can't get it back if there's no WWE in the first place.

    Cena needs to put his aspirations on hold for a while and fight the bigger battle.

    It's time to hear where Cena stands during all this. What he thinks of HHH, what he thinks about the actions on Monday, and what has to be done in order to fix it. The biggest star in the company has to make his opinions known if HHH wants to start rebuilding.

    It's almost a certainty that by the time Survivor Series rolls around, Cena will be in the eye of the storm when it comes to this whole conspiracy thing.

    Expect things to kick off this Monday.

The Continuing Growth of a New Stable

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    As if Triple H didn't have enough to worry about, now he's got a bunch of guys threatening to sue him.

    Because of all this legal nonsense, a new stable is starting to rise up in the WWE, and their starpower certainly can't be ignored much longer.

    Not to mention they have three of the major singles titles already.

    The new team of Alberto Del Rio, Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes, Christian, Jack Swagger, and Jennifer Hudson's husband have started to create nothing but further tension since their formation a few weeks ago.

    Their strength lies in simply who they are compared to the rest of the WWE roster, and as the some of the top heels in the company, there's no doubt that they have the power to really make an impact throughout the WWE.

    Even though they did walk out on HHH on Monday, expect them to make their presence known once again to some degree this week. Their constant complaining has already gotten them over with the crowd, and it's nice to see David Otunga being used properly and really drawing some nice heat.

    Hopefully, this new stable sticks around at least for a little while longer, since it's definitely causing some serious controversy on Monday nights. Funny how things change quickly between two sworn enemies like ADR and Christian, though. 

    How they'll fit into this week's Raw still remains to be seen, but with Christian spearheading a "Solidarity Rally" apparently before the show, expect things to get out of hand pretty quickly.

An Awesome Truth Appearance

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    The Miz and R-Truth have become the WWE's two biggest wanted men after their brutal attack at Hell in a Cell, and as the WWE continues to get weaker and weaker, it's almost a guarantee that these two renegades will have something to say about the current state of their old company. 

    For Awesome Truth, there will be no sweeter moment then telling every superstar who walked out on HHH that they told them so. Even though their methods were a little anarchic, Awesome Truth provided the catalyst for change that has left the WWE in its current state.

    I'm sure that both of these guys will be willing to tell anyone that listens the same exact thing. The entire situation in the WWE right now has obviously gotten very out of hand, and you can thank Awesome Truth for that. 

    Will they reenter the building and attack someone again? Who really knows. Maybe they'll simply show up outside the building to support every other wrestler who walked away, but that's very doubtful. Both these guys, ever since joining together, have played by their own rules, and they now hold all the power. 

    Expect both of these maniacs to make an appearance on Monday; their egos simply won't allow them to miss it. 

Mark Henry's Revenge

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    Although The World's Strongest Man was one of the many wrestlers who walked out last week, I'm sure he'll be looking for the Big Show after what happened to him of Friday night.

    Mark Henry has been on the roll of his life, but it looks like he may have finally met his match in Big Show, who has just recently returned with an angry, much more focused demeanor.  

    There's no way that the current World Heavyweight Champion is going to let Big Show get away with what he did to him last Friday night. Expect Henry to return to Raw, and expect him to retaliate and get this feud rolling between these two powerhouses. 

The Return of Vince McMahon

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    This one has been rumored for several weeks now, and although it's pretty cliche at this point to keep talking about it, if there was any time that the boss would return for one more run, this is it.

    There's no way that Vince can sit back and watch this self-destruction of the WWE any longer. This is the company that he built, the one that he poured every ounce of his heart and soul into for more than half of his life. 

    Maybe he's been the one all along sabotaging the company, trying to destroy HHH's current reign as COO.

    There's no doubt that him being forced to step down was nothing short of embarrassing, and if we've learned anything, bruising Vince McMahon's massive ego does nothing but result in a whole lotta pain and misery.  

    A return of that caliber is very possible, but I suspect a little bit more to it than that. I still can't rule out John Laurinaitis as some kind of two-faced spy. We'll just have to wait and see, though. 

    Either way, all of the recent actions by HHH and their consequences has set up a perfect situation for Mr. McMahon to return to television, and with Raw officially at its lowest point ever, this Monday may be the moment we've all been expecting for some time now.