Gunslingers: The Showboats of the NFL

David ArreolaSenior Analyst IDecember 2, 2008

Sorry, Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson (or Ocho Cinco, make up your damn mind).


You are not the biggest showboats in the NFL.


After watching NFL football for more than half my life, I have come to decide that the gunslinger quarterbacks are BY FAR the biggest showboats and disrespectful players on the field.


Terrell Owens, your Sharpie bows down to these masters of humiliation.


Joe Horn, that cute little cell phone can't even sniff the level of flamboyance these quarterbacks bring.


Chad Johnson (Ocho Cinco), I never thought your celebrations were that good to begin with.


Even you, Deion Sanders, cannot compare to the punks that are the gunslingers.


Gunslingers simply don't respect any defense. They don't respect linebackers, safeties, or even cornerbacks. It is like gunslingers live to make defenders look ridiculous.


Defensive plays are designed to stop certain aspects of offensive options. We know that defenses cannot stop every single route the receivers run. So they often have holes for receivers to run into. These are the receivers nine out of 10 quarterbacks will throw to.


What about that odd ball? That, my son, is a gunslinger.


I can almost read the minds of these quarterbacks when they see....


Zone coverage? It isn't my birthday, but ok...

Blitz? Christmas came early.

Man to man? Wow, this is a slap in my face.

Double Coverage? No problem, I’ll hit on 18.

Safety coming over to help? Let's test that safety’s speed.

Back of the end zone? Hide the kids, I am throwing a laser.

Third and one? All go.

Down 14? Shotgun time.

Up 14? Try to convince the coach to run shotgun.

So you are leading the league in picks? So what, I'll make you earn this one.

So I'm leading the league in picks? I'm still the best, good luck picking this one.

Goal line? *sigh* Why couldn't my wide receiver get that ONE extra yard...this is dumb.


As a defender, you can't help but be sickened by these guys. They don't think you can make the play. They throw it no matter who you are. Champ Bailey or Frank Walker he is going to fire when you are on his receiver tighter than a lid on a pickle jar (Little Giants? Anyone?).


Of course like those wanna be showboats. They too get penalized for going too far.


Interceptions, my son, are often a product. While gunslingers do make amazing plays that often result in positive gains, there are the times when a gunslinger just takes it too far.


Too much disrespect will get you picked.


Yet, they never learn. The next drive they will throw towards the guy who just picked him off, almost mocking him. At this point the defender just wants to knock his head off.


Some say the gunslinger is a dying breed of quarterback. The days of Lenny Dawson, Roger Staubach, Sammy Baugh, and Dan Marino have passed. Brett Favre is the king of the gunslingers, and also the last of his kind, some said.


Wrong, there are young quarterbacks who are bringing back the old ways of the gunslinger.


These are the undisputed gunslingers currently in the NFL.


Brett Favre, New York Jets

Tyler Thigpen, Kansas City Chiefs
Jon Kitna, Detroit Lions
Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens

Jake Delhomme, Carolina Panthers

Jay Cutler, Denver Broncos


Honorable mention to these quarterbacks. They take the chances, but not nearly as often as needed to qualify for a gunslinger.


Peyton Manning (this year he is slowly moving to the gunslinger side), Philip Rivers, Matt Ryan, Trent Edwards, Drew Brees, Jeff Garcia.