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The Bucket List: Christian

Paul McIntyreCorrespondent IIIOctober 7, 2011

The Bucket List: Christian

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    In my last edition of The Bucket List, I pondered four different objectives that Kane should achieve before his looming retirement occurs. Next, I decided to to create a Bucket List article for a man whose had something of a breakthrough year in WWE.

    That man is Christian.

    Now, calling this year a breakthrough for Captain Charisma may be something of a controversy. Emotions seem to have finally lessened where his catastrophically poor Championship reign is concerned, though ask most fans online and they would still explain bitterly, and in great detail, about how Christian was screwed over in favour of maintaining the status quo.

    Whatever the case, Christian has been a great asset for WWE over the years, despite an intermission in his career where he defected to rival company TNA. Still, fans remember with unmatched fondness and unbridled enthusiasm his exploits with Edge in the most terrific period of tag team wrestling in WWE history, when he innovated the TLC match most fans these days take for granted.

    As a singles performer, Christian was never booked, until recently, as one of the company's main event stars, but he has perfected his ability through many years of harnessing his great deal of natural ability; now, he is one of, if not the, most reliable in-ring performer in WWE. No slouch on the mic either, Christian is one of the few complete packages left for Vince McMahon to rely on. 

    Before he retires in the next few years, here are four goals for Christian to aim for in order to give his peeps something to shout about.

Help Revive the Tag Team Division

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    "For the benefit of those with flash photography!!!"

    As I alluded to in the introduction, Edge and Christian were part of a renaissance period in tag team wrestling, in the years 1999-2001. They are, perhaps, the greatest tag team in WWE history, coupling effortless ability with rampant charisma.

    And this time, for the benefit of a newly awakening Tag Team Division, Christian should try and recapture that with someone else.

    Currently, he is part of a collusion of wrestlers that have united in hatred of Chief Operating Officer Triple H, and if more superstars are added to the heel-heavy alliance, he could easily pick himself a Tag Team partner and challenge "Air Boo" for the Tag Team titles.

    It would be a simple angle to book, if WWE intend to pursue Otunga/Guerrero's current "clients" as a long-term faction. The concept is simple; they currently control the WWE Championship, U.S. Championship and Intercontinental Championship, so in order to monopolise more power to gain leverage over Triple H, Christian could be instructed to get them the Tag Team gold. He would accept of course, in order to feed his monster-sized ego and put himself on the same level as Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes and Alberto Del Rio.

    Whoever would team with him could find this a massive boost to their career prospects; it could be Jack Swagger, who is already part of the heel alliance. Newcomers that could be introduced, like Drew McIntyre or a recently hyped Brodus Clay, would also serve this purpose well.

    In fact, the idea of Christian and Clay as a little & large team is very intriguing; WWE could pursue the idea that Christian is the only one able to control the animalistic Clay, and is the brains to the monster heel's brawn.

Feud with Triple H

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    This won't happen anytime soon, nor should it. Unfortunately, with time rapidly running out on Triple H's full-time wrestling career (as well as Christian's, hence this article), it's not something we're ever likely to see. Nonetheless, I think this could be a fantastic feud if booked properly.

    In the same way a feud was tailor made for Triple H and CM Punk (although they rushed that, much to our chagrin), the backgrounds of both Triple H and Christian would provide the platform for a highly explosive, volatile feud that could easily main event several Pay-Per-View's without the involvement of a Championship.

    Back when Christian won the World Heavyweight Championship via disqualification at Money in the Bank, he proceeded to interrupt the newly blooded COO, Triple H, when he was cutting a promo. Triple H explained that, unlike Vince, he didn't like being interrupted while talking.

    And he didn't explain it in a friendly voice.

    It was clear that, in character at least, Triple H has no respect for Christian and the underhand way he attained the World Championship. As a 13-time world champion, he likely considers Christian's two reigns as insignificant.

    Furthermore, he would likely be derisive of the length of time Christian took to win his first World Title in WWE. It certainly wouldn't be a surprise to hear him tell Captain Charisma all this, in character of course.

    The main point of interest, though, is that plenty of people online, and even in the seats of the arena, would take his words as gospel. Triple H's reputation for having a disdain for certain wrestlers is notorious, even if it is impossible to determine whether it is entirely true; whatever the case, he is somewhat unpopular because of it.

    Christian, meanwhile, was (and is) something of an internet sensation at the time of their confrontation; a great worker that, even as a heel, the hardcore contingency of fans wanted to succeed after years of trying so hard.

    WWE may have missed an opportunity in not tapping into this idea, although the concept would have been hard to enforce since Triple H was a face and Christian a heel at the time. It wouldn't be impossible for them to do it sometime in the future, though.

Beat Randy Orton Clean

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    Again, this is an angle WWE should capitalise on, preferrably before Wrestlemania. It could even be a match at Wrestlemania. Yes, by the end of their feud, most fans were expressing disdain at the amount of matches contested between Christian and Randy Orton; on the other hand, in hindsight a massive majority of us consider them to be fantastic bouts. One thing rankled with the purist fan, though. Something that undermined what could have been an all-time classic rivalry.

    Christian never won clean.

    He deserves better. Thus, he should beat Orton clean at least one before retiring. Make it happen, WWE.

    The process wouldn't be hard to implement; as time progresses, Christian will be due another shift in character alignment, as all wrestlers (except one) are due. Hence, he will turn face. His face turn might coincide with a (very unlikely, admittedly) heel turn for Randy Orton.

    Good feuds require motivation, and Christian's motivation would simply be to defeat Randy Orton, and finally repair his fragmented pride.

    If Randy Orton was World Champion nearing Wrestlemania, Christian could win the Royal Rumble. Now if WWE didn't want to give Christian a push that great, but still wanted the match, they could have Christian screw Orton out of his World Title before Wrestlemania, prompting Orton to accept his match.

    Having Orton, their third biggest star (yes, I said third!) in a non-title match at Wrestlemania wouldn't be disastrous for them, considering the massive bout between John Cena and The Rock that is certain to earn them a sell-out PPV in all respects. It would also allow the newer wrestlers, in dire need of legitimacy as main event stars, to contend for the World Titles.

    For spice, WWE could add a gimmick to the Orton/Christian bout, if they wanted. A two out of three Fall's match, with Christian winning two falls to one, would be especially gratifying and would practically guarantee viewers a four star plus match.

One More Match

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    For thirteen plus years, he's fought week in and week out for WWE. He's broken bones and lost blood, been clattered with steel charis, fallen from ladders, and shattered tables with his broken body. Christian has done it all for the business he loves.

    And thus, he deserves "one more match."

    Say it with me: "One more match! One more match! ONE MORE MATCH!"

    Fun yelling aside, Christian is just another performer on a long list of WWE performers that was never given the world title reign he deserved.

    Despite the quality of his performance and promos, he was in every sense of the world a transitional champion. Who isn't, with Cena and Orton around?

    There's not much to say here, other than the fact Christian deserves one more match, this one a clean win, and one more World championship reign; this one, though, should befit a wrestler of his dedication and talent. Christian isn't as susceptible to a sudden retirement as the other men so far in this Bucket List series, so he could have as long as five years to attain that most elusive of things, an impressive title reign.

    Hopefully he will get it. He only needs one to appease us fans. It only has to be about three months long, with Captain Charisma headlining the PPV's and winning clean. That's not an unreasonable desire.

    Make it so, WWE.

Thanks for Reading!

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    I hope you all enjoyed my opinion about what goals Christian should try and fulfill before his career comes to a conclusion; this one meant a lot to me, since Christian is a guy I've been rooting for now for over 10 years.

    When every other kid my age was chanting for the Hardy Boyz, I was all for E & C. Since then, I've only wanted success for both men. It was granted, especially for Edge, but Christian needs just a few more things to round off a really impressive career.

    For my most recent video selection, I've chosen a priceless clip displaying some great Captain Charisma humour.

    Until next time, I'll be seeing you all.

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