Gas Is Down and So Is Francisco Rodriguez?

Nick Carlo@@carlo2612Analyst IIDecember 2, 2008

We all know that gas prices are down, but is K-Rod's price going down, too? We know the teams that want Manny Ramirez want the gas to stay down as much as anybody. Is K-Rod's price as affiliated with gas prices as Manny's? 

The Mets sure do hope so. The Mets are reportedly trying to spook K-Rod into lowering his price if you haven't heard, the Mets are really getting on my nerves with all this closer nonsense.

Every other day, the closer they are mainly after changes; first it was K-Rod (Francisco Rodriguez), then Brian Fuentes, Putz, Jenks, I can go on and on. I believe that the Mets should go after a free agent Closer such as Frankie Rodriguez, Brian Fuentes, or Kerry Wood. 

I strongly believe that we don't have to trade away our prospects when we don't have to ,and there are three good closers just for money. Rodriguez and Fuentes actually are going to cost two draft picks because of arbitration, I'd rather give draft picks then big prospects.

A lot of people are concerned about K-Rod's velocity because it has been significantly decreasing over the past years. If the Mets can spook Rodriguez into lowering the amount of years to maybe two or three years we are in great shape.

Overall, K-Rod is a very productive player, and even if he does have a rough week or month we will hopefully have Huston Street who has some experience as a closer with the Oakland A's, to be a safety net and hold up the closer spot. 

The Mets can't go wrong with signing a free agent closer, and lets hope they go that way. Let's also hope that K-Rod's price and years go down just like the gas. I just gave all of you people another reason to love low gas and hope it gets lower and lower.