Taking a Shot at Plaxico Burress

Christopher WilliamsCorrespondent IDecember 2, 2008

By now you have heard about NY Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress and how he shot himself in the thigh on accident in a night club. Now it is time for me to take shots at him as well.

Was he stupid for carrying a gun with him without a permit? Obviously, but this isn’t why he is a complete moron. He is a moron for reaching in his pocket to pull the gun up and grabbing the trigger, which was not a safety lock, and shooting himself in the thigh.

Seriously, this tells me one thing. This tells me that Plaxico Burress does not know how to operate the game he was carrying.

Let's be honest, there are a lot of pro athletes who carry guns with them, some have permits, some don’t; this is just the way it is, but at least have common sense and learn how to operate the gun. If you are carrying it illegally, go out in the woods and shoot cans so you can practice using it.

Me saying this is like talking to a brick wall, because I doubt any pro athletes read my articles, but here it goes anyone.

If you are going to places where you feel you need to be carrying a gun, then maybe you should not be going. Don’t give me this BS about how pro athletes are targets because they are rich and famous. I don’t see Warren Buffet packing because he feels like someone is going to shank him.

What about Bill Gates? I bet he isn’t tearing the club and feeling like someone is going to cap him.

Should Burress go to jail? No, because the only difference between him and many others is the fact he got caught. Sending him to jail will not make any type of statement, people will still carry guns illegally. Burress will probably carry a gun illegally when he gets out of jail; the issue should be stupidity.

Does anyone else agree? What is your take on this?