Chargers-Raiders: Thursday Night Football Preview

Benjy MillerContributor IDecember 2, 2008

This Thursday, the Oakland Raiders travel to San Diego to face off against the Chargers. The Chargers need a win to stay in the playoff picture. With them being three games behind the Broncos, they will need to win the rest of their games and hope the Broncos lose the rest of theirs. Let's look at this matchup.



The Chargers are always a threat when they have LaDainian Tomlinson and Philip Rivers. The Raiders could strike at any time with JaMarcus Russell and company. The last game played between the Chargers and the Raiders was a close one.

The Raiders had 28 more yards of total offense than the Chargers, but that didn't stop them. The Chargers nearly doubled the Raiders yards in rushing while the Raiders had 97 more passing yards. 



The Raiders have slightly better defense than the Chargers, averaging .7 less points scored against them. But, the big question is, can they stop L.T.? Last game, the Raiders had him covered pretty well in the third quarter but couldn't catch him in the fourth. If the Raiders can stop L.T., then they have a good shot at winning this game.


Will the Raiders try and play spoiler to the San Diego Chargers? Or will they lose this game to get a better draft pick? One thing is clear, this is a must-win game for the Chargers. If they lose this, all chances for a playoff spot, and a winning season, are gone.