Detroit Lions Cheerleaders: The Hottest Pics of the Detroit Pride

Zack PumerantzAnalyst IIIOctober 9, 2011

Detroit Lions Cheerleaders: The Hottest Pics of the Detroit Pride

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    As if football fans in Detroit need any more reason to smile, they now have the ultimate key to a pleasing NFL season.

    With the new Detroit Pride cheerleaders ready to kick off their season on Monday night, Lions football games just got a bit more steamy.

    While the Lions are the talk of the NFL and arguably the hottest team in the league with Matthew Stafford's accurate chucks to the 6'5" phenomenon Calvin Johnson, Jr. and Ndamukong Suh's rattling destruction of every offensive line he faces, it's the Detroit Price cheerleaders that will soon be the hottest entity in Detroit.

    It's rare to see a team bring in reinforcements while they are winning with such ease, but the feisty Detroit Lions are making sure to bring support for good measure.

    Fans won't be disappointed.

    Here are the hottest pics of the new cheerleaders for the Detroit Lions.

    The Detroit Pride.


25. Showing Up Is All That Matters

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    When a team has promising talent, all that matters is staying on the field, as the rest will come to fruition in time.

    Matthew Stafford has dealt with a superfluous amount of injuries in his short career so far, always showing potential but never being able to live up to the hype.

    Nagging injuries have taken a spot on the bench this year, as Stafford continues to stay healthy and show off his live arm.

    His fans aren't surprised, as it was just a matter of time.

24. Amanda Can Now Relax

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    With the team at 4-0 following a remarkable comeback against the disheveled Dallas Cowboys, Detroit fans, and especially their cheerleaders, can sit back and enjoy the show.

    Detroit Pride cheerleader Amanda doesn't seem to be worried about Monday Night's game against Da Bears.

    Julius Peppers might have something to say about that.

23. An Eye for Talent

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    After the firing of destructive force Matt Millen, the Lions hired Martin Mayhew as general manager, hoping that he could avoid the idiotic moves that headlined his predescesor's career.

    His first move as was arguably the most significant. He traded wide receiver Roy Williams and a seventh-round draft pick to the Dallas Cowboys for first, third and sixth-round draft picks in the 2009 NFL Draft, immediately changing the look of a beleaguered franchise.

    Hiring this group of cheerleaders may be his flashiest move.

22. Missing the Picture

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    While fans surely don't mind this shot, they can assume that the cameraman slipped as he was attempting to stay close to the Detroit Pride cheer squad.

    Sometimes it's hard to concentrate.

21. Brittany Remembers a Rough Past

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    It was only three years ago when the roaring Detroit club finished the first 0-16 campaign in league history.

    Fans couldn't bare to watch, consistently wearing brown paper bags over their heads with what seemed like barely enough holes to breath.

    An infusion of talented youth has since changed the fortunes of this franchise. Detroit Pride cheerleader Brittany undoubtedly remembers what once was and is determined to help build a beautiful future.

20. Running Wild

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    While they have a potent passing game, the Detroit Lions are somewhat lacking in the run game, ranked No. 29 in the league. 

    Jahvid Best is their top rusher with 190 yards and one measly touchdown.

    However, their cheerleaders are clearly agile and flexible enough to get the job done.

19. Hear Brianna Roar

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    With iconic smiles, identical postures and sexy attitudes, the Detroit Pride cheerleaders are only moments away from lighting up the league with far more significance than their favorite team has. 

    Perhaps that's stretching their impact a bit too far, but we'd still like to believe that fans will be more than delighted.

    This cohesive unit is ready to make noise behind the stellar Brianna.

18. Trucking Their Way to Stardom

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    While some cheer squads use flash and flair to excite crowds, the Detroit Pride use unrelenting aggression and power.

    As an envious truck looks on in admiration, these girls bull-rush their way to the top.

    Fans should be quite pumped.

17. Brittany Is Just as Flawless off the Field

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    With a view of her beloved city, Detroit Pride cheerleader Brittany seems to be dreaming about the excitement that she will bring to fans.

    While the excitement of the Detroit Lions' season thus far has warmed up fans, the sexiness of these cheerleaders will keep loyal followers happy for a long time.

    She knows it.

16. Feeding on Gazelle

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    Before the hungry Detroit Lions feed on opposing teams, it seems as if their cheerleaders do a pregame ritual dance to bless the food.

    While the picture may seem to exude that type of display, it's more likely that a throng of early fans are enjoying this preview in the parking lot.

15. Tailgating with the Best

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    Rarely do fans get to tailgate with the beautiful cheerleaders that motivate the crowds, but it seems as if times are changing.

    These fans seem to be the lucky recipients of the opportunity to bond with these women.

    At least we hope they are.

14. Kylee Brings Attitude

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    After the team went winless in 2008, the fanbase was left cold and alone, yearning for some kind of hope.

    With budding star Matthew Stafford finally staying healthy, Calvin Johnson, Jr. reaching over triple-teams as if he was a dominant power forward and Ndamukong Suh crushing the hopes and dreams of every opposing running back, fans see light at the end of the long tunnel.

    Kylee clearly hopes that a Super Bowl isn't so far off.

13. Emilie Witnesses a Man Among Boys

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    Ranked No. 11 in the league in defense with 334.2 yards per game allowed, the Detroit Lions are seeing masterful success from their improved personnel.

    Stephen Tulloch was a promising pickup from the start, as the Lions hoped to gain aggressiveness and leadership from the former Titan.

    While fans are pleased with his team-high 26 tackles, they are more pleased with the ferocity of Emilie and these cheerleaders.

12. Chelsi Gets Exotic

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    While the Detroit Lions are applauded most for their vicious defensive line that includes the beastly Ndamukong Suh and promising rookie Nick Fairley, it's their defensive backfield that has stepped up this season.

    Cornerback Chris Houston is third in the league with three interceptions, and things should only get more productive as opposing quarterbacks receive more distractions.

    Chelsi will help with that.

11. Just Passing Along

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    While their potent signal caller has been near perfect with his accuracy and delivery, the Lions have a plethora of viable receivers to help out.

    Calvin Johnson, Jr., rightfully known as Megatron, has 321 receiving yards and eight touchdowns, while tight end Brandon Pettigrew has 240 yards. Even Jahvid Best, seemingly unreliable in the running game so far, has 205 yards receiving.

    With Johnson on pace to shatter all records and score 32 touchdowns this season, he has plenty of support from his cheer squad.

10. Technical Problems

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    Again, it seems like the cameraman got lost and ventured into the abyss or an unknown area that seemed to be off limits.

    He's undoubtedly just trying to keep it creative, and we must commend him for that.

9. Ready for a Promotion

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    Yet to make a live appearance during an NFL game, these cheerleaders are seemingly minor-league pitchers with a September call-up just around the corner.

    They are exhilarating, promising and ready to bring beauty to a depleted franchise.

    Cheerleaders are all that the Lions have lacked, but their fortunes are changing.

8. Allie Is Coming Home

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    Ford Field is a warming place, a gentle atmosphere for those who are prepared to improve a beleaguered Lions franchise.

    The crowd has welcomed in a plethora of young talent with open arms, excited for the immediate and distant future.

    They will certainly welcome Allie in with significantly extended arms as well.

7. Tiffany Likes the Smell of Victory

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    These flowers may smell good, but their scent pales in comparison to the aroma of dominant victory that the fans in Detroit haven't been able to experience since the Barry Sanders days.

    At 4-0, an undefeated season doesn't seem so inconceivable.

    Maybe their fearless defensive tackle was right in his prediction.

    Tiffany would undoubtedly like to hope so.

6. We've Got a Winner

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    Fans, we've got a keeper.

    Any cheer squad that can successfully get a beautiful referee to dance alongside them must be signed on for eternity.

    While she may not be an authentic ref, she helps produce a metaphorically iconic display of the improving luck in Detroit.

5. Jamie Set to Rebuild a Tradition

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    The Detroit Lions will host a Monday Night Football game for the first time since losing 35-0 to the St. Louis Rams in 2001, and they are ready to open up eyes around the NFL.

    It's clearly going to be a beautiful presentation with Jamie leading the way.

4. Not Buying into the Hype

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    Head Coach Jim Schwartz has seemingly done a fantastic job of keeping this confident team humble throughout their winning streak, but fans are hoping the team can stay focused.

    The Buffalo Bills seemingly fell into the cocky trap that many teams can't avoid, when they relinquished a 20-13 fourth quarter lead and lost to the surprising Cincinnati Bengals.

    Ironically, the Lions are hoping their cheerleaders can keep them focused.

3. The Sky Is the Limit

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    These Detroit Pride cheerleaders clearly have high expectations for this young squad of talented athletes.

    Calvin Johnson catches every sizable object that comes his way, while Ndamukong Suh hits every moving specimen in sight.

    They are fearless, confident and talented, just like their cheerleaders.

2. A Potent Lineup

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    While these Detroit Lions are focused and determined, it doesn't hurt their chances to have beautiful women gracing their sidelines, naturally distracting their opponents.

    The NFL has always been shadowed with giddy cheerleaders who are willing to battle for fan appreciation, and these women are no different.

    They are just anxious to impress.

1. It's Only the Beginning

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    The day after the Lions finished the 2008 season with 16 losses, they rightfully fired Rod Marinelli, eventually hiring Jim Schwartz to take the reigns.

    They have improved every season since, going 2-14 in 2009, 6-10 last season and 4-0 so far this year.

    Playoffs?! Playoffs?!