WWE: Are We Finally Going to Witness a John Cena Heel Turn Come Survivor Series?

Zach McCombsCorrespondent IOctober 7, 2011

Before beginning, I must say that the WWE has definitely begun to move in the right direction with this whole conspiracy angle. That said, there is only one thing that is missing for this stable and it's a dominant force in the WWE.

These are the current members of this Conspiracy: Alberto Del Rio, Christian, Cody Rhodes, Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler, David Otunga and Vickie Guerrero, and if you want to add them in R-Truth and The Miz. That is a total of  nine, and what is it you ask that this group is lacking? The answer is Star Power. 

Enter John Cena.

Now, I know that this has been the IWC's dream for years, but lets think: Would this have ever happened if it wasn't for this angle? Possibly, but there is a factor that can make this possible and that is CM Punk.

Recently, Punk just took the number one spot in merchandise sales. Now don't get me wrong, this is a big thing, but it wouldn't be a full-on spark for a heel turn. Earlier in the year The Rock also took the lead in merchandise sales, but Cena was still a top babyface.

Now with Punk, Orton, and possibly Sheamus becoming bigger superstars by the week, does Cena really need to be the top babyface anymore. My answer is no.

Picture this: Since we know that The Rock (and possibly Stone Cold Steve Austin) is appearing at Survivor Series, the buyrate will go up regardless of if Cena is turned heel or not. But with all that is going on he won't be the big picture, the conspiracy will be.

This is quite a possibility for the Survivor Series card

Team 1: Cena, The Rock, Punk, Randy Orton, and maybe one of these three: Triple H, Austin, and Sheamus

Team 2: Alberto Del Rio, Mark Henry, Christian, and two of these several choices: The Miz and R-Truth (most likely) Wade Barrett (Dark Horse, but I'd love it) Cody Rhodes, Swagger and Ziggler (another likely option).

*Please note that Mark Henry and Sheamus might be scheduled for a World Title match if their feud takes place (that of course would be so that there is at least one title match on the card)

Alright, now I feel that in order for a Cena heel turn to work Team 1 would have to lose, by having Cena himself betray his team. I got this idea by recently watching the main event of Survivor Series 2001 PPV where it was the final showdown between the WWE and The Alliance.

In this match it was down to Jericho and The Rock vs Kurt Angle and Austin. Angle was eliminated via tapout (odd people don't remember that) and then shortly after Jericho was eliminated as well. Jericho wasn't really happy about it and attacked The Rock, making a HUGE heel turn in the process. Of course, Angle also turned on Austin.

With this being said, in my opinion, history needs to repeat itself. Cena and The Rock need to be the last two members of their team vs one or two others, and Cena needs to be eliminated CLEANLY.

If this happens it could play off that Cena is pissed off at the fact he didn't save the company he was loyal to, while The Rock left it to go film movies and become famous in Hollywood. So, Cena could then enter the ring and attack The Rock, because if he can't save the WWE from this conspiracy than no one will, and it will then be the biggest heel turn since Hulk Hogan at the Bash at the Beach in 1996.

Plus, Cena betraying The Rock could build up to their match at WrestleMania 28.

If the WWE doesn't capitalize on a moment like this, they may never turn him heel. Now is the perfect time to do this; he isn't the top draw anymore (and hasn't been for awhile I might add). Should the WWE capitalize on this? I think so.

Tell me what you think.