Sean Avery, Shut Your Mouth!

Chris WilsonContributor IDecember 2, 2008

One thing has become apparent today, if it wasn't absolutely clear to anyone before, today shows that Sean Avery is a joke and needs to shut his mouth and play hockey.

He has never been shy about speaking his mind, but there is a time where it becomes too much.

Does Sean even love the game he plays—the game that pays his bills and allows him to travel across North America to show everyone his freak show?

He is a disgrace to the game—not just the NHL, but the entire game of hockey, from Novice to Midget, from the ponds to the rinks. This man is a joke.

It is too bad he will be suspended, especially for tonight, because Dion Phaneuf is the hardest hitter in the league and would have no problem lining Avery up. Well, maybe he'd have some trouble, because Avery would duck and cover.

Just like he did when challenged by Brian McGrattan, the same game when he decided it would be nice to punch Dominik Hasek.

It has come time that the show needs to end. No one should talk to this man. Don't give him the attention he wants. Leave that for the fashion world!