Cuttino Mobley's Condition and New York Knicks' Rotation Still Unanswered

Matt MartinoContributor IDecember 2, 2008

Add another to the New York Knicks’ DNP list.

The more Cuttino Mobley continues to seek opinions on his heart condition, the more team officials doubt he will play again.

Mobley, Danilo Gallanari - and of course - Stephon Mabury, all stand to miss the remainder of the Knicks season.

Then there’s Eddy Curry who’s nursing a sore knee. Regardless of Curry’s return, the big man doesn’t fit in D’Antoni’s system and probably won’t crack the rotation.

Nate Robinson and Jared Jeffries, however, will return shortly, adding much needed depth to the roster.

With a starting lineup of Chris Duhon, Quentin Richardson, Wilson Chandler, Al Harrington, and David Lee; Jeffries, Robinson, and Tim Thomas will probably assume roles off the bench to round out D’Antoni’s eight-man rotation.

Considering D’Antoni’s propensity to run-and-gun, the team has assembled a solid and versatile group who fit nicely into his freewheeling system.

More importantly, D’Antoni seems to like his personnel:

"I love our guys, I love the way they responded," D’Antoni said after the Knicks historical 138-125 victory. "It just comes down to guys having some chemistry, having some heart, wanting to do it. And they will eventually come together."

Eventually being the key word. As much ado has transpired about LeBron James (even Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh) dawning ‘New York’ across his chest in 2010.

Nevertheless, the present isn’t as bleak as some suggest. In the Leastern conference, the Knicks still possess the talent to make the playoffs . . . in 2009.