New York Giants: Plaxico Burress Solution!

Robert ZendzianCorrespondent IDecember 2, 2008

Before every Giants fan jumps on the "We do not need him" bandwagon and asks for the release of Plaxico Burress, let us calm down and look at some facts. 

Keep in mind these are not excuses for the 31-year-old wide receiver, just some things to consider.

The media loves to point out every negative they can find about high-profile people.  It makes news and draws attention from readers and television viewers.  Had this been an average person, he probably would have been able to get away without any criminal charges since the gun was taken from the scene.

Plaxico did not fire his weapon at anybody.  We are talking about a man who makes seven million dollars a year and is very high profile.  I would carry around a gun if I was in his shoes. 

He should have gotten the proper permission to carry a gun and perhaps he was unaware of this rule, but at least he knows what happens if no team scores in overtime.

Burress caught one of the most important passes in Giants history.  He played through a high-ankle sprain last year, sacrificing his body to allow for the Giants success.

This year, teams have double teamed him every time he has stepped on the field.  Look at the success this has allowed for the other receivers on the team.

The NFL is a business and don't we all want raises? Do not jump on his back because he wanted a new contract.  If you could make significantly more money at another company, you certainly would be there too.  A player's career can end at any second due to injury, you have to make the money while you can.

Missing one practice is not the end of the world.  He was also fined.  Missing a team meeting is not the end of the world, and he was fined over $100,000 and suspended a game.  This is an issue, no doubt, but he is not missing multiple practices and meetings.  He has shown up to the rest.

If the Giants release him, they will receive high salary cap penalties.  There are plenty of teams that would request his services at the end of the season and the Giants could get at least a second-round draft pick for him.

People can change!

Plaxico has not released a statement about the event, however this gives the Giants organization a reason to put a leash on Burress.  If Burress chooses to stay, he also knows he is on thin ice.  He may agree to strict demands from the Giants organization to stay with the team that allowed him to call himself a champion.

Finally, Burress is one of the most talented players in the NFL.  The Giants have shown they can win without him.  However, Burress has also shown what he can do on the field for the Giants.