10 NFL Superstars and Their Celebrity Doppelgangers

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10 NFL Superstars and Their Celebrity Doppelgangers
Joe Robbins/Getty Images

It happens to the best of us.

You’re watching an NFL game, when suddenly the camera pans to one of the players or coaches. You catch the shot out of the corner of your eye and you do a double-take because there’s no possible way Omar Epps could be standing on the sidelines...

No, wait, that’s just Mike Tomlin doing his coach thing on the sidelines. Thank God we didn’t just switch to an episode of House.

Reality reasserts itself and you go back to watching the game, although a little bit of lingering discomfort or amusement may rear its head whenever the cameras go back to that particular NFLer.

Which NFL favorites can spark that visceral reaction that immediately brings to mind some Hollywood celebrity? Read on for 10 players (sorry, no coaches) who put on street clothes and find themselves mistaken for another famous person.

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