10 NFL Superstars and Their Celebrity Doppelgangers

Elyssa GutbrodContributor IOctober 6, 2011

10 NFL Superstars and Their Celebrity Doppelgangers

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    It happens to the best of us.

    You’re watching an NFL game, when suddenly the camera pans to one of the players or coaches. You catch the shot out of the corner of your eye and you do a double-take because there’s no possible way Omar Epps could be standing on the sidelines...

    No, wait, that’s just Mike Tomlin doing his coach thing on the sidelines. Thank God we didn’t just switch to an episode of House.

    Reality reasserts itself and you go back to watching the game, although a little bit of lingering discomfort or amusement may rear its head whenever the cameras go back to that particular NFLer.

    Which NFL favorites can spark that visceral reaction that immediately brings to mind some Hollywood celebrity? Read on for 10 players (sorry, no coaches) who put on street clothes and find themselves mistaken for another famous person.

Wes Welker and Justin Bruening

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    When Wes Welker of the New England Patriots takes off his helmet, housewives all over the country may take a moment to stop and admire his familiar visage.

    Why? Because he strongly resembles actor Justin Bruening, the soap opera hottie formerly of All My Children.

    It’s good to know that if Wes Welker’s career ever dries up there’s probably a place for him in the role of man meat on daytime television.

Mark Sanchez and Dean Cain

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    What do quarterback Mark Sanchez of the New York Jets and Superman’s alter-ego have in common?

    They both clean up very nicely. Oh, and they both look like Dean Cain.

    Well, that could be because Dean Cain actually played Superman at one point, but Mark Sanchez doesn’t have that out. He’s just got the same dark, good looks and appropriately sculpted body.

David Anderson and Wentworth Miller

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    Don’t worry when you see Michael Anderson of the Houston Texans take the field—he may look mean at game time, but he’s not as high on the bad scale as his Hollywood twin.

    Wentworth Miller isn’t really bad, per se. There’s no doubt that the Prison Break star made a name for himself with his role of Michael Scofield, though.

    Miller has begun to bridge into film with an upcoming appearance in the new Resident Evil movie, so expect the double-takes for Anderson to increase in the next year.

Chris Johnson and Eddy Grant

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    Running back Chris Johnson of the Tennessee Titans may not have much of a voice for singing, but he could probably get away with playing a musician on TV. Why? Because of his strong resemblance to singer Eddy Grant.

    If the powers that be ever decide to make a movie about Eddy Grant’s life and accomplishments as a musician, Chris Johnson would be an easy pick to star as his younger version. Of course, the odds of that whole scenario playing out are pretty low, but it could happen.

Matthew Stafford and Gary Valentine

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    Quarterback Matthew Stafford of the Detroit Lions is finally starting to get his bearings in the NFL, but what if one of his injuries proved too much to overcome?

    He could always find a job acting as Gary Valentine’s younger self if the need ever arose.

    The resemblance between the two is striking enough that they could practically be related.

Clinton Portis and (young) Eddie Murphy

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    Running back Clinton Portis, formerly of the Washington Redskins, may not want to hear this, but he has a face that was made for Hollywood—in the '80s.

    Portis’s resemblance to a young Eddie Murphy is striking, although Portis would need to do some serious work on his moustache to really complete the picture.

    The similarities have faded as Murphy has aged—who knows? We could be looking at a future Clinton Portis.

Drew Brees and Matthew McConaughey

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    When Drew Brees took the New Orleans Saints to the Super Bowl in 2010, women everywhere were in for a treat. Every time his helmet came off, it was easy to believe that Matthew McConaughey was on the field instead.

    The resemblance isn’t as strong when both men cut their hair short, but it seems that they both prefer longer locks.

    Fortunately for both men, they live in opposite parts of the country and appeal to vastly different audiences. There’s little chance that they’ll find themselves the victim of a case of mistaken identities.

Adrian Peterson and Chris Brown

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    Adrian Peterson, the star running back of the Minnesota Vikings, has a stunt-double running around in the music industry: Chris Brown.

    Best known for hit singles such as “Run It!” and “With You,” Chris Brown has achieved fame both for his fantastic singing voice and his run-in with domestic abuse.

    Fortunately, Adrian Peterson has managed to keep his slate much cleaner.

Jay Cutler and Zac Efron

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    I get that Jay Cutler of the Chicago Bears takes a lot of grief, some of which he doesn’t deserve. He’s done little to cultivate a good relationship with his fans, but by all accounts he’s actually a pretty great guy in his private life.

    And no amount of surliness in the national eye can take away that he still looks like teenage heartthrob Zac Efron, particularly when he lets his hair grow long. If Efron ever grows a beard, the resemblance is just going to become stronger.

    Sorry, Jay Cutler, but giving fans the cold shoulder can’t disguise the fact that you’re cute in a boyish sort of way.

Tom Brady and Matt Damon

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    I’m sure that quarterback Tom Brady of the New England Patriots gets stopped on the street and asked for his autograph all the time.

    I’d also bet that once in a blue moon the autograph’s recipient is disappointed to learn that he’s not actually movie star Matt Damon.

    Once he lost the long haircut, Tom Brady turned out to be a real knockout beneath the helmet. Matt Damon should be worried—football careers don’t last forever, and Brady certainly has the looks to make it in Hollywood if he can act at all.