Chicago Blackhawks Ice Crew Girls: Hottest Pictures

Brandon LantzCorrespondent IIOctober 7, 2011

Chicago Blackhawks Ice Crew Girls: Hottest Pictures

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    The Blackhawks Ice Crew Girls are the definitely the hottest girls in the NHL.

    The red, the skirts, the socks, the fact that they come out with shovels to do work... what more can you ask for?

    It's such a shame they cut away for commercials during the Ice Crew's time to shine.  Here some some of the sexiest Blackhawks Ice Crew photos from the past few years and some rules and guidelines for becoming one.

Blackhawks Ice Crew Girls No. 10

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    Q: Is being an Ice Crew member a full-time job?

    A: No, most Ice Crew members have other employment or attend school.

    Translation: Being an Ice Crew girl will not be enough to pay your rent.

Blackhawks Ice Crew Girls No. 9

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    Q: Are there any height or weight requirements?

    A: You should look well proportioned in skin tight clothing—your midsection is not covered in the uniform. There are no number requirements.

    Translation: You better be in great shape.

Blackhawks Ice Crew Girls No. 8

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    Q: How should I wear my make-up?

    A: Shades that complement your natural beauty but make your eyes and lips pop!

    Translation: Lots of eyeliner and lipstick like you're hitting the club next.

Blackhawks Ice Crew Girls No. 7

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    Q: How should I wear my hair?

    A: In a current hairstyle that complements your features. Make sure your hair doesn’t hide your face, but don’t wear it all up, either.

    Translation: Mullets are for players only and need not apply.  If your face is not your best asset, don't try to hide it with your hair.  If your hair is not your best asset, don't try to hide it by wearing it up.

Blackhawks Ice Crew Girls No. 6

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    Q: What do I need to bring to auditions?

    A: Drivers License or other valid identification that proves you are 21.

    Translation: Leave your fake ID at home, 21 and over only please.

Blackhawks Ice Crew Girls No. 5

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    Q: What is the audition process?

    A: Auditions are a two-part process. The skating portion will be held on Wednesday.  We would like to see how agile you are on the ice holding and working with a shovel. We would also like to see your individual ability (tricks, etc.), but it's not at all required. Applicants that demonstrate a strong skating ability will be asked to participate in an interview at the United Center at a later date.

    Translation: You have to be able to skate to be on the Ice Crew.

Blackhawks Ice Crew Girls No. 4

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    Q: What type of commitment is required?

    A: Total commitment—activities include at least 25 home games (arrival time is two hours prior to the puck drop). Personal appearances (charity and paid). Media interviews.

    Translation: Unlike your manager at Starbucks, who lets you get away with everything, we will require you to be at a certain place at a certain time.

Blackhawks Ice Crew Girls No. 3

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    Q: What about uniforms?

    A: The basic uniform is provided at no cost to you but must be returned at the end of the season. If you damage or lose your uniform, you will be responsible for payment.

    Translation: After you receive the uniform, your boyfriend will immediately ask you to wear it to bed. If you rip, tear or fail to dry clean your uniform before turning it in, you will be responsible for payment.

Blackhawks Ice Crew Girls No. 2

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    Q: Is this a playing job?

    A: Yes, you are paid for each game at a rate of $50. Each promotion is paid out at different rates.

    Translation: At about $10 an hour, barely.

Blackhawks Ice Crew Girls No. 1

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    Q:  Are there any education requirements?

    A: Must be a high school graduate or have a G.E.D.

    Translation: You must be able to ice skate, be hot and spell your name.