Thank Goodness for the SEC Championship Game!

Damon WildmanCorrespondent IDecember 2, 2008

What if the SEC didn't have a championship game, and we ('Bama) are really overrated as most everyone in the country believes? Being ranked No. 1 undefeated at 12-0 Bama would already be in the BCS championship game most likely.

Can you say Ohio State?

The embarrassment of being smoked in the national championship game would be unbearable for me and most 'Bama fans. 'Bama would be the laughing stock of the country. Not that we haven't been there lately, "been there done that", but it would be on a lot bigger national stage instead of say in the papers on Sunday, scrolling across the bottom of the TV on ESPN or in front of a pay per view audience as was our loss to UL Monroe last year.

Thank God for the SEC championship game!!!

If 'Bama is as over rated as most media pundits believe, then far be it better to find out a month before being exposed in the BCS championship game and also to one of our own in the same conference!

An SEC team beating us bad as some predict will happen against Florida would be much easier to digest than from some team out west. The SEC would look bad which would make it even harder to live with from our own for the next year to come. You never want to make your family look bad but especially after gloating over how bad the Big 10 and other conferences compare to the mighty SEC.

The SEC championship game against Florida, if we were to win it though, would go a long way towards solidifying our deserving being in the championship game. Winning the SEC championship game against Florida, while not guaranteeing a BCS championship win, would go a long way towards our credibility as to why we should be in the BCS national championship game to begin with.

I know there is something to be said about winning the SEC, regardless of the outcome in the BCS championship game, which would be sweet enough for some, but not for me. Winning in essence a playoff game in the SEC championship game to get to the BCS championship would feel deserving of Bama's spot.

Unlike Ohio State the past two seasons, who were voted and computerized into the BCS championship game, it would feel like Bama earned the right to be there by winning the SEC championship game.

Will it happen? Probably not. But if not then you won't see 'Bama embarrassing themselves and the SEC against another conference foe. We will leave that up to Florida if they should win. Or I should say to Oklahoma! Let them stink up the BCS championship game for the Big 12! ;)

But if 'Bama is good enough to beat Florida, then that should shut up any overrated talk from the media. Would it happen? Probably not.


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