Oscar De La Hoya/Manny Pacquiao Fight a No Win Fight For De La Hoya

jack roseContributor IDecember 2, 2008

On the surface it looks like the size and experience and boxing savvy of Ocsar De La Hoya should allow him to control the fight. If he is in best shape of his life for this seemingly mismatched fight he should be able to at least pull out a decision. But he has lost some key fights lately that are are indicative of how he handles tough opponents, Bernard Hopkins and Floyd Mayweather come to mind. Floyd Mayweatherwas also moving up in weight class and lost nothing in the process. Now lets look at Pacquiao he has speed, aggressiveness and heart. He can last 12 rounds at full steam and still be ready for more. He has what it takes to get a TKO out of this fight on guts alone. A longer reach matched with a much faster stronger puncher with heart it is at least even money. Then we look to the intangible factors such as ring smarts, killer instinct, and will to prevail. Of these I have to hand the last two to Pacquiao. No matter how this fight shake out, De La Hoya is the only one who can really lose. If he wins a decision it will not be a feather in his cap. Or if he gets in a solid left it likely will come early and it will be a lackluster fight at best. But Manny Pacquiao has the the whole world at his feet if he takes this fight because he is truly an exciting and explosive fighter.  It would be a shot in the arm for the old Marquis de Queensbury style boxing.