Philadelphia Eagles and Their Fans Should Still Have Faith in Andy Reid

Darren GrossmanCorrespondent IOctober 6, 2011

Andy Reid can fix the Eagles poor start so let's give the most successful coach in Eagles history a chance to do it
Andy Reid can fix the Eagles poor start so let's give the most successful coach in Eagles history a chance to do itRob Carr/Getty Images

While there is reason to be concerned, there is no reason to panic—not yet anyways.  The Eagles have limped to a 1-3 start, which has many people already wondering if Andy Reid will keep his job.  That talk is very premature.

Reid has dug the Eagles out of holes before, and the guy is the winningest coach in Eagles history.  While many fans may have lost faith in Reid, there should be a level of trust and patience.  The guy has been to five NFC Championships and one Super Bowl in 12 seasons.  If that does not earn him the right to have one bad season, then what does? 

Oh, and it's not even a bad season yet, it's a bad four games.  A rough start, and one that can begin to be erased if the Eagles win on the road in Buffalo on Sunday.  While that won't fix all the problems, it will give the fans some comfort that the Eagles can turn this thing around.  If the Eagles win their next two games, they go into the bye week 3-3 and right back in the thick of things in the NFC.

Many fans were upset Sunday—I know, because I was one of them  I thought to myself: If the Eagles can not beat San Francisco at home, who can they beat?  I was angry and frustrated.  It's Thursday now and, like the Eagles, I have moved on.  The only thing that matters now is beating Buffalo on Sunday, and that won't be easy.  The Bills are 3-1 and playing good football.  However, perhaps less expectations and pressure will be exactly what the Eagles need.

There is reason to be optimistic.  The lockout has loomed large over this season, and while it affects all teams, there is some logic to the fact that the Eagles were affected by the lockout more than any other team because their team changed the most.  When the Eagles signed a lot of free agents and did not have a lot of offseason, it made it harder to succeed at first.  This team was built to get better as the season moves along and the players get to know the system and each other.

Take Nnamdi Asomugha, for example.  The Eagles finally seemed to start to figure out how to utilize him against San Francisco.  They had him playing more man-to-man defense, which is where he excels.  Perhaps it took too long for the Eagles to figure that out, but being a new player in a new scheme, the Eagles tried some different things with him.  Now they seemed to have figured out how to best use him and hopefully that will continue.

The Eagles moved Casey Matthews to the bench already, and I have a feeling Mike Kelce is going to be replaced by Jamaal Jackson on the offensive line.  The point is, Reid and the coaching staff are not just sitting idly by with no ideas, and saying "oh well, the team is not doing well."  They are making adjustments and trying to figure this thing out.

So give them time to do it.  Reid has earned the right to the benefit of the doubt, and until Sunday at least, let's give it to him.  Give him a chance to fix this thing Sunday in Buffalo.  Personally, I think he can do it, and the Eagles win Sunday in Buffalo.