NFL Week 5 Picks: Who Will Win in Week 5 and Why?

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NFL Week 5 Picks: Who Will Win in Week 5 and Why?
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Brilliant Brady and his Pats beat The Jets in week 5

Week 5 picks. 


Fairly tough one to call. There are two reasons I am going with the Pats though. First, they are the home team. Second, they lost a game a couple of weeks ago and history shows us that when Brady loses a game he doesn’t lose another for a long time.

Pick: The Pats


The Bears have been very hot and cold. After that second half comeback against Dallas to go 4-0, Detroit’s confidence will be at an all time high. Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson doesn’t only have the coolest nickname in the NFL (Megatron), he has also very quickly (and rightly) earned a rep as one of the best Wide Receivers in the league.

Pick: Lions


This is a good matchup; both are good teams with strong defenses, but Oakland have been a little inconsistent and H-Town has more weapons offensively. Also, this is arguably the best they have looked since the Texans franchise began.

Pick: Texans


The 3-1 Giants are better team than the 1-3 Seahawks. They are also the home team. This could’ve easily been my lock.

Pick: Giants


The Bengals have been better so far this year then most had anticipated. They have the No. 1 ranked defense in the NFL and Dalton is so far proving to be a good QB. The Jags are possibly the worst teams in the League and I don’t see them winning this cat fight.

Pick: Bengals


Both teams are horrible with a combined record of 1-7, the one going to the Cards and I am going to pick against The Vikings until they show they can actually win.

Pick: Cardinals


The Chargers may not be “super” but they are far superior to the Broncos. Expect San Diego’s pass rush defense to get at “ordinary-Orton” multiple times. This week’s Lock! Note to Tebow fans, the best way to get Tim to start is to stop going to the games. The chants and billboards won’t sway this coach but empty seats would force the change.  

Pick: Chargers Lock of the week


A difficult one to call; both teams are 3-1; however, the 49ers may be overachieving and I believe that the Bucs are the better team and in Josh Freeman they have a better QB too.   

Pick: Bucs 


Another difficult one to pick. I think a lot of people would go with the Bills playing at home but at 1-3 this is a must win game for the self proclaimed “Dream-Team.” Expect Vick and Jackson to make things happen in an exciting shootout.

Pick: Eagles Game of the week


Panthers with Cam Newton are far better this year than they have been for a long, long time; however, they are still a level below the Saints.

Pick: The Saints


Again, I think most people will go with the in-form 3-1 Titans, especially with Hasselbeck playing so well. Chris Johnson looks like he may have found his legs again, but with the Steelers being at home and coming off a horrible game I expect the defense to go out and prove that they still have it. Big Ben will also expect much better protection from his offensive line.  

Pick: The Steelers


The Chiefs won their first game last week, beating a bad team and can do it again this week.

Pick: The Chiefs


Gotta go with the Packers in this Monday Night game. The Falcons are a good team but the reigning Superbowl champions are the No. 1 team in the NFL and will continue to be the No. 1 team until someone can prove them otherwise.

Pick: Packers

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