WWE: The Future Is Bright for the Divas Division

Don DiabloContributor IIIOctober 6, 2011

WWE: The Future Is Bright for the Divas Division

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    The WWE Diva's Division has begun a slow rise from the doldrums that the division was in earlier this year.  With the current storyline involving the top four Divas on the roster and for once being a somewhat intriguing storyline, the Divas are headed in the right direction.

    While the current crop of Divas is slowly building their legacies, the future looks bright for a division that was such a laughingstock not that long ago.  The intrigue behind the division started with the debut of Kharma but was quickly dashed with her pregnancy. 

    However creative took the ball and made some good changes with turning Beth Phoenix and Natalya heel. I like the current storyline and it is one that can develop even more.

    While the current top group is good, I believe recent additions both to the main roster and to the developmental program will return the Divas to glory.

The Strength: Beth Phoenix

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    The current Divas Champion Beth Phoenix will be one of the bases that the new Divas Division will evolve around.  Beth is the powerhouse of the division. 

    She has one of the best finishers hands down in the WWE. She is all right on the mic, but she has great in-ring skills.  She will improve on the mic with good storyline work. 

    She will dominate the Divas and has the ability to be over either as a heel or a face. 

The Technician: Natalya

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    Natalya is the best technical wrestler among the Divas.  Natty will get a better run with the title than her first championship run.  She is close to Beth Phoenix with her power and is bit better in the ring.  Natalya is not that great on the mic but again this will improve with good creative work. 

    I think we'll eventually see the current Divas of Doom feud with each other for the title and they could be a great rivalry going forward. 

The Beauty: Kelly Kelly

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    Kelly Kelly is the John Cena of the Divas.  She will always have critics because she is not the greatest in-ring, has very few moves, and is the top face now and for the future of the Divas.  The only difference is she does lose clean from time to time. 

    Kelly has improved immensely during her time in the WWE.  Kelly started off on ECW as a dancer and just finished a good run as the Divas Champion, which is a great accomplishment for her. 

    She is the prototypical Diva with her 'Barbie Doll' look.  Kelly will continue as the top face for quite some time and will continue to improve in feuds with Beth and Natalya. 

The Attitude: Maryse

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    Maryse is possibly the best current Diva on the mic.  Not to say that the rest of the Divas are downright atrocious but Maryse has the ability to garner heat easily on the mic.  She brings the 'attitude' if she is  used correctly by creative. 

    She's good on the mic but still needs work in the ring.  Maryse is better alone, because she did nothing for Ted DiBiase, but hey, there's always a chance for redemption.

The Sparkplug: AJ

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    I have high hope for AJ in the WWE. Her small stature will be a deterrent, but I believe her high-energy style will bring the wow factor to the Divas division.  And I think the WWE sees the same, as she was the first to hold both the FCW Queen and FCW Divas titles at the same time. 

    For a small Diva, she has great ring awareness and has the ability to take on the powers of the division.

Athleticism: Naomi

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    Naomi is on the cusp of breaking out into the WWE.  Currently still developing down in FCW, Naomi is probably the most athletic Diva under contract with the WWE.  She is high energy in the ring and provides great athleticism to division. 

    She had a good showing despite losing in NXT season 3 to Kaitlyn.  She is the future of the division and can definitely hold the Divas Title in the future.

British Invasion: Britani Knight

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    Britani Knight is from British wrestling's "The Knight Dynasty."  Both her parents and two brothers are professional wrestlers and she was teaming with her mother in Shimmer before signing with the WWE.  

    Knight has a great look and would compete well with the likes of Beth Phoenix, Natalya and Naomi.  She only made her US debut earlier this year but she is on the rise and would easily fit on the main roster.   

Australian Newcomer: Tenille Tayla

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    The WWE went to the land down under for this newest edition to the Divas.  She has yet to debut in FCW because of shoulder surgery but will be another great addition to the Divas division.  She is good in ring and brings the look and athleticism that the WWE somewhat lacks in the division. 

    Most of her wrestling has been for Shimmer and in Canada, where I believe she has trained under Lance Storm along with a few other new additions to the WWE developmental program.

Latest Addition: Kira Forster

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    Signed to a development deal earlier this week by the WWE, Kira Forster or better known as Taya Valkyrie will be the next big thing in the WWE if she develops. 

    She has power with an awesome look and has been trained by Lance Storm.  The former fitness model is now taking a crack at the wrestling business. 

Honorable Mention: Kharma

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    Kharma gets honorable mention mostly because she is the anti-Diva whenever she returns to the ring. 

    With her great combination of power and ring work, I would love a match-up between her and any of the power-heavy Divas.

Honorable Mention: Kaitlyn

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    There are a lot of critics on Kaitlyn because of her winning NXT season 3 over the likes of Naomi and AJ, but she was the Diva in the spotlighted storyline with her mentor Vickie Guerrero. 

    She showed the charisma to hang in a major storyline and with improvement can follow in the footsteps of Kelly Kelly.