Buffalo Bills Should Benefit from Toronto

Jason BravermanContributor IDecember 2, 2008

The Bills are 3-3 at Ralph Wilson this year. Those home wins have come over the Seahawks, Raiders by one, and the struggling Chargers by under 10. The records of those three teams 2-10, 3-9, and 4-8, respectively.

Dick Jauron's squad should highly benefit from a "home" game in Toronto against the Dolphins this week. The Bills are 6-2 against teams under .500 and a shocking 0-4 versus teams with a winning record.

A change of scenery should be good after a very disappointing 10-3 home loss to the 4-8 49ers. If the Bills want to make the playoffs, which appears doubtful at this point, they must win this game, as their schedule won't give them much help later down the road. They only have teams with winning records left.

The reason I believe Toronto will be welcoming is this: The Bills' loyal fans residing in Buffalo have had about as much as they can take, and most have given up hope for the 2008 season.

Nothing much worse can happen to the Bills; their only win since Oct. 19 was against the lowly 2-10 Chiefs. Now, also, to make things worse, the health of Trent Edwards is in question, and the Bills might have to turn their faith into J.P. Losman.

The Canadian fans should be happy and accepting of the Bills, as this is their one game of the year, and one game for a long time. The Bills will most likely get a warm welcome, which should motivate them to beat the surging Dolphins.