Why Oklahoma Deserves To Play In The Big 12 Championship

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Why Oklahoma Deserves To Play In The Big 12 Championship

Lately I have heard a lot about Oklahoma not deserving to be No. 2 in the BCS polls.

Well you know what? Those people are crazy! The Sooners deserve to be in. Here are four reasons why.

1. They beat Texas Tech, 65-21. What was the Texas-Texas Tech score?

Didn't Texas have it in the bag until Crabtree pulled down the miracle catch from Harrell?

2. Texas was almost upset by Oklahoma State at home! Oklahoma beat Oklahoma State by 20...at home! I admit it was a good game up until the last seven minutes.

3. All that Mack Brown did was lobby for his team. Every Texas fan did! The BCS didn't like that. Everyone knew two excellent teams would be left out.

4. The Oklahoma-Texas game was a very good one. If I remember correctly, Oklahoma had an interception that would have stopped a UT touchdown and gave them one, but it was called incomplete after he had possession of the ball. They also had two bogus Block-in-the-Backs...ON THE TEXAS SIDELINE!

I am not lobbying for Oklahoma, this is just my opinion.

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