MLB Playoffs 2011: The 15 Best Stadiums to Watch Postseason Action

Kyle BrownCorrespondent IIIOctober 6, 2011

MLB Playoffs 2011: The 15 Best Stadiums to Watch Postseason Action

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    With the 2011 MLB playoffs well on their way, which 15 stadiums are best known for electrifying postseason atmospheres?

    It was only last year that we discovered AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants, has the capability to really rock the house. Similarly, classics such as Wrigley Field and Fenway Park, which have both hosted quite a few postseason games, are certainly well known for their stimulating atmospheres.

    With that being said, here's a list of the 15 most thrilling stadiums to witness some postseason action in.

15. PNC Park

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    Yes, I know. PNC Park, the home of the Pittsburgh Pirates, has never hosted a playoff game.

    However, PNC Park is one of the best stadiums in all of baseball, and it would undoubtedly host a very exciting playoff game if ever given the opportunity.

    Come on, Pirates. Make it happen!

14. Great American Ball Park

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    The Cincinnati Reds are the definition of a middle-of-the-pack organization. The team has had its ups and downs as of late. Besides 2010, it has yet to really make its presence known in MLB for the past 15 years.

    The Great American Ball Park is not necessarily one of the most appealing in baseball, but it's certainly not one of the worst. The fans aren't going to blow you away with an energetic atmosphere, but they are certainly not fair-weather fans.

    Witnessing a Reds playoff game firsthand would be entertaining, but there are certainly more captivating playoff atmospheres elsewhere.

13. Citi Field

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    Win or lose, the New York Mets fans will remain loyal to their team. Plus, you have to respect Mets fans who stick with their team through thick and thin, especially when the New York Yankees are only miles away and winning on a consistent basis.

    With loyalty comes the sweet sensation of warranted retribution, and that's exactly what Mets fans will get when they host their next playoff game.

12. Dodger Stadium

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    Even though Dodgers fans are notorious for not showing up to the stadium until the third inning, you can blame that one on the Los Angeles traffic.

    Dodger Stadium is probably the most historic stadium on the West Coast, and Dodgers fans are itching to host another playoff game in the near future. From the countless beach balls bouncing across the rows of blue and white to the never-ending Dodger Dogs, Dodger Stadium certainly wouldn't be a bad place to experience a playoff game.

    With Clayton Kershaw and Matt Kemp on the roster, it shouldn't be much longer 'til the Dodgers host one again.

11. Angel Stadium of Anaheim

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    Angel Stadium made a name for itself in the Angels' run to a World Series championship in 2002.

    The idea of a lucky charm took on a new form after Angels fans contrived the idea of the infamous rally monkey.

    They didn't stop there.

    From the rally monkey to the obnoxious thundersticks, Angels fans are always looking for ways to separate themselves from the rest of the pack. This picture certainly drives that point home.

10. Miller Park

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    Where do you think the Green Bay Packers cheeseheads go when it isn't Sunday?

    Truth be told, Milwaukee is home to one of the most loyal fanbases in baseball, and rightly so when the Brewers are fielding players like Prince Fielder, Ryan Braun and Rickie Weeks.

    While Miller Park isn't considered one of the most attractive parks in baseball, the enthusiasm of the fans certainly compensates for that.

9. Comerica Park

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    Comerica Park, home of the Detroit Tigers, hadn't really been known for its electric atmosphere before this season.

    Everything changed after Game 3 of the ALDS.

    When the Tigers beat the New York Yankees, Comerica Park took on a new name after the electricity that flowed through the stadium lifted the Tigers in their first home postseason game since 2006.

    Even though most of the physical energy could've come from Justin Verlander's 100 MPH fastballs, witnessing a postseason game at Comerica Park would certainly be quite an experience.

8. Safeco Field

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    It's a fact: The Pacific Northwest loves its local sports. That statement holds especially true when talking about the Seattle Mariners.

    It's been a while since the Mariners had any playoff relevance, but when they did, Safeco Field was one of the most electrifying stadiums in all of baseball. During the late 1990s, the Mariners were one of the most exciting teams to watch. With superstar players like Ken Griffey Jr., Alex Rodriguez and Randy Johnson, it wasn't hard to attract a large crowd to the ballpark.

    However, the Mariners haven't made it to the playoffs since 2001 and have struggled to field a team that could compete for much of anything. It's truly a shame, because one can only imagine how crazy Mariners fans would get when watching Felix Hernandez pitch Game 1 of the ALDS against the New York Yankees.

7. Busch Stadium

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    There isn't a group of fans in MLB who better support their team's colours than those of the St. Louis Cardinals. 

    For every game, whether it's a regular season or postseason exhibition, you can count on gazing upon a sea of red that floods every inch of the seating area.

    St. Louis has deemed itself the "Best Baseball Town in America," and the fans do a superb job in backing up that statement.

    Plus, it isn't hard to cheer loudly when Albert Pujols is on your team.

6. Progressive Field

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    Although Jacobs Field, the home of the Cleveland Indians, hasn't hosted a playoff game for four seasons, it has the potential to be one of the most galvanizing stadiums in baseball. This was put on display in the late 1990s and early 2000s when the Cleveland Indians were one of the league's best teams.

    Progressive Field—known as Jacobs Field at the time—put itself on the map when the Cleveland Indians upset the New York Yankees in the 1997 ALDS.

    When Cleveland makes its next playoff appearance, expect Progressive Field to be a tough place for opposing teams to play.

5. AT&T Park

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    Everyone knew that the Bay Area was loyal to its teams. However, we saw a completely different atmosphere when the San Francisco Giants steamrolled through the postseason and into MLB history in 2010.

    From the panda hats to the grizzly fake beards that fans were sporting in support of their favorite players, one could feel the energy that AT&T Park discharged from miles away during last year's postseason.

    Plus, the alluring stadium with the angelic scenery of the San Francisco Bay in the background makes AT&T Park one of the most appealing places to watch a baseball game.

4. Wrigley Field

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    It's been a while since the confines of Wrigley Field have felt the energy of an intense playoff game.

    In fact, the last time could've been with five outs remaining in Game 6 of the 2003 NLCS—and yes, you could say that Steve Bartman singlehandedly took the wind out of those sails...

    However, there aren't many stadiums that can get more electric than Wrigley Field for the sheer fact that Cubs fans would do anything for a World Series championship. It's hard to blame them since it has been 103 years since the Cubs franchise has won one.

3. Fenway Park

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    From the franchise's history to the talented and competitive roster that the Boston Red Sox field every year, Fenway Park is one of the best places to witness a playoff game.

    If it wasn't Carlton Fisk's walk-off home run in the 1975 World Series game, it must've been David Ortiz's exceptional effort to dig the Red Sox out of a 3-0 deficit against the New York Yankees in the 2004 ALCS. There is just something magical about Fenway Park. 

    It isn't just inside the stadium either. The entire Boston area that surrounds the stadium is oozing with electricity, especially during the postseason.

    Unfortunately, no one will be able to experience such an atmosphere this year, and you can thank the Red Sox's late-season collapse for that.

2. Citizens Bank Park

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    Whether you hate them or love them, the Philadelphia fans love their Phillies and know how to truly give their team a meaningful home-field advantage.

    Try to tell me that the sight of 40,000 white flags swirling around in the air doesn't give you goosebumps.

1. Yankee Stadium

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    It's only fitting that the stadium with the most electrifying atmosphere is Yankee Stadium, the home of the team with by far the most all-time playoff appearances.

    From the history—even though most of it came from the old Yankee Stadium—to the sheer fact that the Yankees are always one of the favorites to win the World Series, there simply isn't another field that even compares to Yankee Stadium when it comes to the postseason.