"The Dream Match": Oscar de la Hoya vs Manny Pacquiao

EJ ClaudioCorrespondent IDecember 1, 2008

Most people view this so called "dream match" as a mismatch. At first, that's what I thought too. But as the days for the big fight come closer, and after seeing Oscar de la Hoya's recent photos, I'm starting to think that Manny Pacquiao has a chance in winning this fight.

I am a Filipino, but I'm still looking at a de la Hoya win. I'm only giving Pacquiao a chance. A very slim chance in winnning this bout.

Looking at their most recent fights, Oscar faced a slick boxer in Stevie Forbes. Now, Freddie Roach is saying that Manny can beat Oscar because Stevie is not as strong as Manny, but Manny is not as slick as Stevie. Yes, Stevie was able to bust-up Oscar because he has good boxing skills, whereas Manny is more of an all-out offensive slugger. Big difference.

The only chance I see that Manny can win is the condition of Oscar de la Hoya. In his recent workout photo, he doesn't look too good. His stamina may be in question come fight night.

In Manny Pacquiao's recent fight, he faced David Diaz. He won convincingly. It was already expected that Manny would win but what amazed us was the manner in how he won. He beat up Diaz so bad you want the fight stopped as early as the sixth round. Now, Oscar is definitely better, bigger and stronger than David Diaz. And again, size is Oscar's advantage.

My initial prediction was a blow out, with Oscar winning by KO in the early rounds. Now, I'm thinking that both fighters can take this match. But I'd be really surprised if Manny can knockout Oscar. The only way I can see Manny win is by decision.

This "dream match" is definitely worth watching and I'm still thinking who I'll bet my money on.